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News hardware & software 23 May 2022, 13:47

author: Patryk Michas

Steam Deck Spare Parts Price Leaked

There has been a data leak at the iFixit online store. We learned how much we will have to pay for replacing Steam Deck components.

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iFixit sells parts and tools needed to for us to replace components in electronic gadgets ourselves. A data leak confirmed the company's cooperation with Valve. We also learned the cost of spare parts for Steam Deck. It will not be cheap.

Steam Deck - spare parts price list

The English branch of iFixit was the leak's source. The owners of the website quickly realized and removed the items from the store, but nothing is lost on the Internet and thanks to this we know the potential prices of components for Steam Deck. Below is their list.

  • Charger both English and European - 24.99 pounds
  • Glue for the screen and battery - 4.96 pounds
  • Motherboard (without SSD) - 289.99 pounds
  • Front and rear console case - 24.99 pounds
  • Speakers - 24.99 pounds
  • Rubber membranes for buttons and directional pad - 4.99 pounds
  • Screen on models with 64GB and 256GB of storage - 59.99 pounds
  • Anti-glare screen on model with 512GB of storage - 89.99 pounds
  • Fan - 19.99 pounds
  • Right and left bumper - 6.99 pounds

Company's reply

It is worth mentioning that some users managed to order parts before the page was removed and iFixit decided to clarify the situation with a tweet.

Steam Deck Spare Parts Price Leaked - picture #1
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