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News video games 25 January 2022, 10:28

author: Adrian Werner

Steam's New Feature Makes Switching Between PC and Steam Deck Easier

Steam has gained the feature of dynamic synchronization with the cloud. This will enable us to conveniently switch between instances on your PC and Steam Deck, without having to log out of the game first.

  1. Steam has been given the ability to dynamically sync with the cloud, enabling us to seamlessly switch between devices;
  2. Steam Deck will send our progress to the cloud before it enters sleep mode, enabling us to continue playing comfortably on our PC;
  3. When we return to Steam Deck, the game will remember our progress from other devices.

Valve announced the implementation of dynamic synchronization with the cloud. The feature was designed while working on support for Steam Deck. It enables players to seamlessly switch between game instances on Steam Deck and PC without having to log out first.

With this, Steam will automatically send all modified game data to the cloud before the Deck goes into sleep mode. We will then be able to resume the game on any computer or other device, and Steam will automatically download any changes to the saved game state. It will also send them to the Steam Deck when we return to play on it.

Dynamic synchronization with the cloud is not a mandatory feature, so developers will not have to activate it. However, they probably will, because in its absence, any user who stops Deck while a game is running and then tries to resume playing on another device will be prompted to use Deck to close the running process (which will send data to the cloud) or to continue without taking into account the progress of the last game save.

The feature of dynamic synchronization with the cloud was introduced after analysis of player behavior on other mobile devices. People who use them rarely leave the game the moment they stop playing. In the case of Steam Deck owners, who will often play on desktops and laptops as well, the lack of synchronization would cause significant problems.

Finally, let's recall that the first consumer units of Steam Deck are expected to start shipping next month. Unfortunately, all units scheduled for February have already been purchased. If you make a reservation today, you will have to wait for delivery until the second half of 2022.

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