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News video games 15 May 2022, 21:07

author: Adrian Werner

Stellaris: Overlord Received Coldly; Overly Assertive Vassals Criticized

The release of the Stellaris: Overlord epansion did not go well. The DLC is collecting mixed reviews on Steam, with players complaining about numerous bugs and overly arbitrary vassals.

Stellaris: Overlord, the next expansion for the popular space strategy from 2016 has been released this past Thursday. We decided to check how the DLC is doing on the market

Poor reception of Stellaris: Overlord

Player reaction to the DLC has been pretty cold.

  1. On Steam only 51% of user reviews are positive, which is categorized as "mixed" reception.
  2. Players are mainly complaining about the poor technical condition of the DLC. The expansion is said to be full of bugs and flaws.
  3. Also criticized is the system of vassals, who turned out to be too assertive. They can refuse all orders given by the Overlord and too easily regain their territories when we launch an invasion of their systems in response to disobedience.

The DLC's problems are of the type that Paradox can fix in an update, so we hope that happens.

Sample quotes from player reviews us Steam:

"The DLC terribly bugged.

Mercenaries don't show up, trade is broken, and population gets downsides to content out of nowhere.

I recommend buying when Paradox fixes all the bugs."

"The DLC is currently bugged and the game is not playable. If you haven't bought it yet wait a month."

The DLC has some problems, but it still drives the popularity of Stellaris

Although the expansion has been received coldly, it has successfully encouraged many players to return to Stellaris.

  1. Yesterday, at the hottest moment of the day in Stellaris was being played on Steam by 48,260 players simultaneously.
  2. Weekend activity records from the previous few weeks were around 20-22 thousand people at a time.
  3. The release of Overlord has more than doubled the interest in the game.
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