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Splinter Cell (franchise) Latest news

Splinter Cell Remake on First Atmospheric Concept Arts

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 18 November 2022, 12:56

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the first Splinter Cell, Ubisoft showed concept arts from the upcoming remake of the game and revealed some interesting facts about it.

Splinter Cell Remake Loses Director; He Worked on Blacklist, AC Unity and Far Cry 6

Hubert Sledziewski, 17 October 2022, 13:15

Splinter Cell Remake has lost its director. David Grivel left Ubisoft after eleven years of working on such game series as Assassin's Creed, Far Cry and Splinter Cell.

Splinter Cell Remake Will be 'Rewritten' for Modern Gamers

Krzysiek Kalwasinski, 22 September 2022, 15:35

A job listing published on Ubisoft's website suggests that the remake of the original Splinter Cell will grace us with a storyline tailored to modern audiences.

Ubisoft Canceled Ghost Recon Frontline, Splinter Cell VR and Two Other Games

Hubert Sledziewski, 22 July 2022, 10:58

Ubisoft has announced the cancellation of work on four games. Two of them were never announced. The others are Splinter Cell VR and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Frontline.

New Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia and Avatar; Ubisoft Prepares Big Showcase of 20 Games

Przemyslaw Dygas, 22 March 2022, 12:53

According to a well-known insider, Ubisoft is planning a big presentation of its titles. Brands such as Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell are expected to be among them.

Splinter Cell Will Get a Remake

Hubert Sledziewski, 15 December 2021, 22:12

No more rumors - Ubisoft confirmed that a remake of Splinter Cell is being made. Developed by Ubisoft Toronto, the game will be powered by the Snowdrop engine, and the creators argue that they want to deliver an experience faithful to the original - without an open world.

New Splinter Cell Approaching? Ubisoft Registers a Trademark

Przemyslaw Dygas, 13 December 2021, 15:20

Ubisoft has registered another trademark associated with the Splinter Cell series. Perhaps this means that the company is working on the next installment of the series.

New Splinter Cell Rumored to be a„More Stealthy Assassin's Creed”

Michael Zegar, 08 December 2021, 21:58

According to the latest unconfirmed information, the new Splinter Cell is to be an open-world game reminiscent of Halo Infinite. The title may also draw heavily on the Assassin's Creed series.

Rumor: New Splinter Cell in Development?

Hubert Sledziewski, 19 October 2021, 19:37

A new Splinter Cell is reportedly in development. According to Tom Henderson, Ubisoft was said to be starting work on the seventh full-fledged installment of Sam Fisher's adventures to win back frustrated fans of the franchise. There is a chance that the title will be officially announced next year.

New Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell Will be Available Only to Few

Aleksandra Dziwinska, 16 September 2020, 22:07

Ubisoft has announced work on new games from Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell series. The choice of target platform for the titles is quite surprising. At the same time a new model of Oculus Quest was announced.

Sam Fisher is the New Operator in Rainbow Six: Siege

Karol Laska, 11 August 2020, 22:14

The protagonist of Splinter Cell joins the roster of operators in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege. His arrival is announced by a short trailer from Ubisoft.

Netflix - John Wick Writer Will Make Splinter Cell TV Series

Paul Wozniak, 30 July 2020, 22:25

Variety informed that the popular video game series - Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell - will get its own animated series, which will hit Netflix. Derek Kolstad (known for his work on the John Wick movie series) will be responsible for the production.

New Splinter Cell is in the Works, Claims Italian Voice of Sam Fisher

Adrian Werner, 19 July 2020, 21:32

The voice actor in the Italian version of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell games claims that the next installment is on its way. It was originally planned to be announced this year, but the release of the project was delayed due to the coronavirus.

Hero of Splinter Cell Enters Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Krzysztof Kaluzinski, 24 March 2020, 11:35

You can already meet Sam Fisher in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Together with a popular agent, a new plot thread titled Conspiracy, two character classes and four maps for multiplayer fun has been added to the game.

Sam Fisher Returns to Ghost Recon - Watch New Teaser

Paul Wozniak, 19 March 2020, 21:32

We just found out that Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint will be visited by the protagonist of Splinter Cell, Sam Fisher. He will appear in the game thanks to a new event that will start on March 24.

Splinter Cell's Creative Director Returned to Ubisoft

Adrian Werner, 21 January 2020, 12:19

Maxime Beland, creative director who led the teams responsible for Splinter Cell: Conviction and Splinter Cell: Blacklist, returned to Ubisoft. Fans hope that this will increase the chances for the next installment of the cycle.

Replica of Sam Fisher's Goggles Teases New Splinter Cell

Paul Wozniak, 04 September 2019, 22:19

GameStop offers a replica of Sam Fisher's goggles from the Splinter Cell series. In their description, we can find information about the upcoming release of the latest installment of the series.

Ubisoft's CEO Announces a Sequel to Splinter Cell

Konrad Serafinski, 11 August 2019, 23:06

The Splinter Cell series will come back - this is what Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, told in a conversation with Chinese website GamerSky. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen in the coming months. The game itself is supposed to be „experimental” in some ways.