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News video games 17 February 2022, 19:22

Terraria 2 Remains a Dream; Sequel Teasing Was a Dev Joke

A subtle suggestion by the head of the studio responsible for Terraria that a sequel was coming turned out to be just a joke.

It's been almost 11 years since the release of Terraria. The platform sandbox from Re-Logic was a huge success and is still being developed to this day, although the recently announced Patch 1.4.4 is to be the last one.

The bigger the beat player hearts skipped when Andrew "Redigit" Spinks - the head of Re-Logic - tease on his Twitter account that we may be get a sequel to the popular game.

Is Terraria 2 coming soon?

Twitter finding

It all started when a famous youtuber ChippyGaming, who runs a channel dedicated to Terraria, noticed that Spinks has changed the description of his location on Twitter, which proclaimed: "Terraria 2 - a new age".

Source: Twitter - ChippyGaming

What added fule to the fire was the fact that the vice president of Re-Logic, Whitney Spinks, posted an enigmatic gif titled "Spoilers" under the youtuber's post.

Developers clarify

Unfortunately, it turned out that the dreams of Terraria 2 are too good to be true. As PC Gamer found out in an interview with Ted "Loki" Murphy - head of business strategy at Re-Logic - the studio has not yet decided whether its next game will be a sequel to Terraria. The developer only declared that the team is constantly developing and trying new things.

"While certainly a sequel to Terraria would be one possible path we might take, we are actively considering others. Given this state of things, we really are not ready to share the exact direction that we plan to take with our second game at this time."

Murphy made it clear that Spinks' profile description was just a friendly joke aimed at fans, except that many other Re-Logic employees also edited their Twitter accounts.

For example: the aforementioned Whitney Spinks has set herself a description reading "Terraria 2.5 the Final Update."

Murphy added that the studio is now focused on expanding its skills and then using them to create the next game. Whether that will be Terraria 2, no one knows. Fans expecting an imminent announcement of the sequel may feel disappointed. Well, patience is said to be the last key to open a door, so fans of Re-Logic's sandbox should be prepared for some waiting.

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