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News video games 29 March 2021, 20:37

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Terraria Patch 1.4.2 Finally Adds Steam Workshop Support on PC

Re-Logic has added the long-promised support for Steam Workshop in Terraria on PC. From now on players can download texture and sound packs etc. from Valve's platform or from within the game.

PC fans of the still very popular Terraria had to wait long for the launch of an important feature. Support for Steam Workshop, announced in November, was finally added with today's update 1.4.2. On this occasion two texture packs prepared by Re-Logic artists have been made available.

The Workshop can be accessed either from within Steam or directly from the game. This way we can both download and add worlds and fan-made content packs: textures, sound, and languages. Major mods are still not supported in the Steam Workshop, but they have long been available using tModLoader, a special tool for creating and running mods for Terraria. In addition, further bugs reported by the players have been removed.

By the way, it has been emphasized that mods that are too "brutal and vulgar" will be removed from the Workshop. On the other hand, the most interesting creations will be marked by Re-Logic with a special sign, which will make it easier to find them on Steam. It should also be noted that the players can still install content packs on their own without going through Valve's store, which is explained in an extensive guide prepared by the devs.

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