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News video games 17 October 2022, 15:27

This Game has the Attention of Papers Please Dev and 99% Positive Reviews on Steam

Fans of detective adventure games should take an interest in The Case of the Golden Idol. The game is receiving nothing but praise, including from the creator of the hit from a few years ago - Papers, Please.

If you've been craving atmospheric, niche adventure games, you might want to consider The Case of the Golden Idol - a detective game by Color Grey Games, which at this point, just a few days after its release, has garnered as much as 99% positive reviews on Steam.

For those who don't want to buy a cat in a bag, let me reassure you - there is a free demo available on Steam, where you can see what's it all about. For the full version of the game you will have to pay a bit over $14 (with a 10% discount).

Sleuth in action

The Case of the Golden Idol is a point-and-click adventure, in which our task is to solve puzzles and investigate a series of murders. The game's action is set in 18th-century England and takes place over several decades.

As a detective, you will solve the mystery of twelve deaths that, despite happening over a period of 40 years, are connected.

This Game has the Attention of Papers Please Dev and 99% Positive Reviews on Steam - picture #1
The Case of the Golden Idol presents us with original, pixel-art graphics; Photo: Color Grey Games

The gameplay is divided into two stages - exploration, when we look for clues by analyzing the crime scenes (and more), and thinking, when we indulge in the art of deduction and connect the threads into a whole picture.

Shower of praise

The Case of the Golden Idol has garnered praise from Lucas Pope, creator of the very popular 2013 puzzle game Papers, Please, and the atmospheric Return of the Obra Dinn. The developer admitted that the adventures of the 18th-century detective resemble the latter game.

The reception of the game on Steam, whereit debuted on October 13, is extremely good - the title has as many as 99% positive reviews among players.

People who have experienced the game praise the quality of the puzzles, which are challenging and require logical thinking and association of facts.

Below we quote some of the reviews on Steam. The first once is from user Ryslaw:

"A very interesting approach to a detective game kept in a nostalgic Amiga (Topaz font!) style. If someone enjoys the fun of deduction, associating facts, investigating clues, drawing conclusions, and solving puzzles then I recommend it as much as possible. It's just a shame that the game is very short. If it wasn't for the fact that I played it during a stream, I would have completed it in one sitting, probably in around 5 hours. But it's still worth it. I look forward to more."

Another quote comes from a player by the handle teddy, who completed the title in 4.5 hours.

"Gameplay is pretty cool, you have to really think, you can't force answers. Many details that may not seem important end up being the key to figuring out what happened, but also include useless details and other nonsense, so again, you have to think about what matters and what doesn't. The story has a neat little twist that you may not recognize, and the game tries to lead you down the wrong path and make you jump to hasty conclusions. They [the developers - ed. not] also interestingly build the world of this strange alternate universe of England."

If the players are to be believed (and they come off quite reliably), The Case of the Golden Idol seems to be a truly great detective game that will be loved by puzzle enthusiasts.

Michal Ciezadlik

Michal Ciezadlik

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The Case of the Golden Idol

The Case of the Golden Idol

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