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News video games 11 June 2024, 00:44

The Crew Motorfest Will Introduce a Feature Forza Horizon Never Had. Game World Will Expand Almost Twice

During Ubisoft Forward, we learned about the further future of The Crew Motorfest. Ivory Tower studio has ambitious plans - in November it will expand the game world to include a second island (Maui), slightly smaller than O'ahu. It will be introduced by the fifth season (for free).

Source: Ubisoft

Unlike Microsoft, Ubisoft made sure to allocate plenty of space for the The Crew series at its "non-E3" showcase. During Ubisoft Forward, we received insight into the plans for the second year of development of The Crew Motorfest - and it's hard to deny that they are grand.

The fifth season will begin in November, the main attraction of which will be a free expansion of the map to include the second Hawaiian island - Maui. This area covers more than 100 square kilometers (slightly smaller than the currently available O'ahu) and includes 345 kilometers of new roads running through the city of Kahului or the Haleakala National Park areas.

Fans of the rival Forza Horizon 5 have something to be jealous of. Before its release, Playground Games studio boasted about an "evolving world," but it has never introduced anything more spectacular than temporarily turning a stadium into a winter playground or adorning a highway with neon lights. And it's unlikely to do so now, as the game has been on the market for almost three years and is being phased out by players who are anticipating the next installment.

On the new map in The Crew Motorfest, previously unavailable activities will be waiting for us. Leading among them is the Chase Squad mode, described by the devs as a "premium PvE experience," in which we will take part in night chases (you can see its trailer below). We will learn more details in September, when The Crew Showcase will be organized.

However, before that happens, the start of the fourth season awaits us in July, which still hides a few secrets.

  1. The Crew Motorfest -- official website

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