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News Files and Mods 06 February 2023, 15:19

author: Adrian Werner

The Dark Mod - Free Heir to Thief Got Even Better

Developed as a spiritual heir to the Thief series, free stealth game The Dark Mod has received a new version numbered 2.11.

We lived to see a new version of The Dark Mod, a free stealth game modeled on the Thief series, but powered by the engine of Doom 3. The update focuses on bug fixes, but there are other improvements as well.

The Dark Mod - what's new in version 2.11

  1. Devs thoroughly improved the AI of guards. In version 2.10, there were changes in this regard that were not quite right, which caused guards to sometimes fail to detect us, even when we stood in the light a few meters away from them. Now these problems are gone, and the artificial intelligence is smarter and more vigilant.
  2. Mechanics related to stunning enemies with a baton and climbing have also been improved.
  3. Players can finally pick up multiple items simultaneously.
  4. There were also improvements to the engine - its performance was improved and the lighting and shadow system was improved.
  5. In addition, some models of environmental objects have been improved.
  6. The interface for loading fan missions has also been expanded, adding, among other things, new sorting options.
The Dark Mod - Free Heir to Thief Got Even Better - picture #1
Version 2.11 includes improved models of many objects in the environment.

The changes in version 2.11 are so big that it is not compatible with old save game data. So before updating, you'd better finish the adventures you are in the process of going through.

Recall that The Dark Mod began life as a mod for Doom 3. However, when the source code for this game was made publicly available, the modders converted their project into a fully standalone free game.

  1. The Dark Mod - download the game
  2. The Dark Mod - official website
The Dark Mod

The Dark Mod

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