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News video games 28 May 2021, 15:48

author: Agnes Adamus

The Sims 4 May Update Introduces New Hair Colors

Yesterday, another big update came to The Sims 4. It introduces new hair colors and preference system to the game. Bunk beds have also been improved.

In the middle of the month, Electronic Arts announced a number of new features that will come to The Sims 4 this summer. Among them were three free updates. Yesterday, the first of them saw the light of day. Thanks to it the game has been enriched with new hair colors and a preference system. Bunk beds were also improved and some bugs were eliminated.

The update introduces two major changes. The first is the implementation of six new hair colors in shades of blonde and brown. Thanks to this game has been enriched with more natural shades.

The Sims 4 May Update Introduces New Hair Colors - picture #1
The Sims 4 May Update Introduces New Hair Colors - picture #2

Second change is the preferences system. From now on every sim has its own preferences regarding music, colors and activities, among others. These will affect the sim's behavior and what activities it wants to engage in. In total, we can define 20 things that our character likes or dislikes.

The patch also modifies the functionality of bunk beds. From now on we can put under them not only other single bed (as it was in the past), but also other furniture such as desks, dressers or sofas.

Additionally, a number of bugs appearing in the game have been fixed. From now on skin color of babies won't change in some situations. The devs also made sure that sims will stop wasting food (and money). Problem with compulsive cooking, where characters regularly forgot about their prepared meals and made another one, has been fixed. Apart from that, our charges will choose "eat the leftovers" option on their own.

The Sims 4 enriched itself with another batch of free content. And this time, it managed to do so without bigger problems and controversies.

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