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News video games 21 May 2019, 21:24

author: Bart Swiatek

Green Hell Successful, Release Date Inbound

Creepy Jar has released its annual financial report, from which we learned the sales of its survival game Green Hell. The Early Access title attracted nearly 180,000 buyers.

Green Hell Successful, Release Date Inbound - picture #1
Green Hell is a big success.

Creepy Jar studio - devs of the successful survival game Green Hell - published its annual financial report (in Polish). Thanks to the document, we learned that the aforementioned production has found 179 thousand buyers since its launch in Steam Early Access (which took place on August 29, 2018). The sales of the title ensured net revenues of PLN 4,7 million (around $1.2 million), with expenditures on production amounting to PLN 1,2 million (roughly $310,878).

Thanks to the success of Green Hell, the company managed to generate a net profit of PLN 2,2 million (around $570,075). It is also worth noting that even before the E3 2019 fair we will know the release date of the full version of the game. The company expects that the 1.0 release, together with the planned console editions, will contribute to a significant increase in sales potential and improve the already excellent financial results.

All that remains is to congratulate Creepy Jar on their success, especially as it is a fully deserved success according to all the signs in heaven and earth - the Steam reviews of the title are mostly positive.

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  2. Creepy Jar - official website

Last update: 2019-05-21

Green Hell

Green Hell

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