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News video games 16 September 2021, 13:54

author: GRG

Timberborn Records Good Launch on Steam

The original city builder starring beavers recorded a successful launch on Steam.

Mechanistry can celebrate the successful launch of Timberborn in early access on Steam. The city builder simulator with beavers as workers appealed to players and is collecting very good reviews - currently 93% of user reviews are positive. For an independent production, which has just launched in early access, this is a very good result. Authors of the comments praise the game's level of refinement and the lack of significant bugs, comparing the gameplay to Banished from 2014. The game is currently at the top of the Steam list of global bestsellers.

The game is about building and managing a colony of beavers that have survived humanity and intend to stay. Proper management of resources and space to expand the colony and modifying the water irrigation system are the keys to success. The beavers must dig canals, build dams, and even use explosives when redirecting riverbeds. The rodents also need to have enough food and entertainment. The developers have prepared a map editor, thanks to which players can create and share new places for colonization with others.

On the day of release Timberborn was watched on Twitch by more than 14 thousand people and played by 3849. Today it's around 3 thousand viewers and a thousand players respectively. Time will tell if the Polish production will win fans with further updates and maintain popularity.



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