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News video games 16 May 2019, 00:20

author: Jakub Mirowski

Ubisoft will Release Three New AAA Games in Q1 2020

In its latest financial statement, Ubisoft has revealed that in the first three months of next year, the company intends to release as many as three unannounced high-budget titles.

Employees of Ubisoft's in-house development teams are going to be busy for the next few months. The latest financial report of the French company states that it will release four high-budget games by the end of fiscal 2020. The title and release date of one of them has already been announced - it will be Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, which will hit the store shelves on October 4. However, we do not know what the other three productions to debut in the last fiscal quarter, i.e. between January 1 and March 21 will be.

Ubisoft will Release Three New AAA Games in Q1 2020 - picture #1
Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is just one of four AAA games that will be released by Ubisoft by the end of March 2019.
Ubisoft will Release Three New AAA Games in Q1 2020 - picture #2

One of Ubisoft titles we expected to see this year was the pirate action game Skull & Bones. However, it is not even mentioned in the financial statements. Developers have revealed that production has been delayed once again and will not appear on E3.

Due to the abundance of brands available to Ubisoft, it is difficult to be certain of anything. The French already announced that a new installment of Assassin's Creed, usually debuting in the fall, will not be comign this year, so maybe its premiere will be postponed by a few months and will be released between January and March? For some time now there have also been reports about the third part of Watch Dogs, which according to rumors was to be presented during the last E3. It is also worth remembering the rumors about the new Splinter Cell, whose existence was recently revealed by the creative director of the studio - although the representatives of Ubisoft claim that "he was only joking". And yet there is still a possibility that one of these three titles will not be a continuation at all, but a completely new brand.

Fortunately, the uncertainty about the plans of the French company will probably not last long. In less than a month, the E3 trade fair in Los Angeles will start, and traditionally the Ubisoft conference will be a part of it. For now we know that Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be presented there, but the rest of the program remains a mystery. Three unannounced titles from the AAA segment suggest, however, that during Ubisoft's presentation we will certainly not be bored.

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