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News video games 23 May 2022, 13:26

author: Adam Adamczyk

V Rising Server Settings and Clan Sizes

V Rising offers a very enjoyable gameplay, which gains even more if you play in a group. In this guide you will learn more about server settings and clans.

Source: Steam | V Rising

V Rising is a seemingly inconspicuous game, which offers a lot of interesting mechanics and above all - interesting gameplay. As it happens with this kind of games, it's always better to play in groups. V Rising enables us to create clans or join existing groups, but the maximum number of players they can include is small. In this guide you will learn a little more about server settings and clans themselves.

V Rising - clans

V Rising can be played solo, but most elements of the gameplay are best experienced in the company of friends and other players. Playing in a clan enables you to more easily coordinate hunting, collecting resources, building or defending the castle from other vampires. In addition, when being in a clan, we gain access to a private chat channel. How to create a clan?

  1. Open clan menu. By default, this option is assigned to the P button.
  2. Select create clan.
  3. Enter its name and clan message, then press create clan.

To invite players to the clan, just open the clan menu and choose option invite player. Then enter the nickname of an active player and he will receive an invitation to join.

V Rising - server settings

V Rising Server Settings and Clan Sizes - picture #1
Number of clan members

Unfortunately V Rising's official servers clans can have a maximum four members. But you can create a private game and in its settings adjust all values at your own discretion.

Private games are as configurable as games on dedicated servers. For example, you can:

  1. choose a set of rules,
  2. define PvP or PvE mode,
  3. set up player limits,
  4. get access to all advanced server settings,
  5. add a password, so that only people you choose can enter the server.

There are a lot of settings to customize the server to your needs. You can set almost everything - from the size of the clan and the maximum number of players to the starting equipment and the amount of damage dealt by sunbeams. You can hover your mouse over the little "i" symbol next to each setting to read an explanation of how it will affect your game.

V Rising Server Settings and Clan Sizes - picture #2
Server settings
V Rising

V Rising

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