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News video games 01 March 2021, 18:29

author: Qskan

Crafty Player Achieves Flight in His Ship in Valheim

Valheim gives players a lot of freedom to shape the space around them. We've already seen Sauron's fortress and the Millennium Falcon in the game. And what about a giant hill, thanks to which we can fly?

  • Player known as HotGUUUUU built a giant ramp in Valheim, which enabled him to send a boat into the air;
  • He bragged about his feat on Reddit.

The beginning of this year definitely belongs to Valheim. The game took both the hearts of players and Steam's bestseller lists by storm. Survival game from Iron Gate Studio follows the path previously traced by Minecraft - the extensive construction aspect encourages players to create more and more impressive projects.

Footage of the feat is available below:

I officially broke the game. As requested, the FULL SEND (Full Sails + Tailwind) from r/Valheim
Spent all night building a mega boat ramp. It was worth every second. from r/Valheim

As the author himself admits, he spent the whole night on building the structure, despite using the commands available in the console, needed, for example, to spawn the ship without building a workbench. According to the creator, even with the help of the console, maintaining the stability of the ramp was quite a challenge.

Interest in Valheim is growing at a rapid pace, and with it the creativity of players. Perhaps soon we will see entire cities modeled 1:1, just like in Minecraft.

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