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News video games 21 October 2022, 13:24

author: Damian Gacek

Vampire Survivors 1.0: Greatest Jubilee and final fireworks explained

Along with the Vampire Survivors 1.0 version, players received a new weapon and achievement - Greatest Jubilee. You will receive them if you see the final fireworks. In this article we explain what it's all about.

Yesterday the early access ended for the game Vampire Survivors. Fans were excited to see what has changed in the final version of the product. One of the additions is the Greatest Jubilee achievement, which allows you to get the Greatest Jubilee weapon. To accomplish this, all you need to do is see the final fireworks. In this article we answer what it's all about.

Final fireworks

To see final fireworks you must defeat the final boss. After the battle you will be able to watch them. To unlock the opportunity to duel with it, it is necessary to get all the artifacts. This includes 2 new ones - Seventh Trumpet and Gracia's Mirror.

Seventh Trumpet and Gracia’s Mirror

To get these items, you must collect all other artifacts from other stages (there are 11 of them). This will unlock a secret stage - Eudaimonia M. You must go to it twice and talk to the strange creature there.

Final boss fight

Vampire Survivors 1.0: Greatest Jubilee and final fireworks explained - picture #1

After collecting all the artifacts, go to Eudaimonia M again. This time the creature will start a fight with you. This is the final boss. You have to prepare for 5 phases.

In the 1st your task is to destroy the heads flying above the monster. In the 2nd phase you and your opponent will visit other familiar stages of the game. All the time kill minions and aim at the heads of the boss.

When you destroy all heads, the 3rd phase will begin. Skulls and eyes begin to float over the creature, at which you must again aim. However, the opponent will become much more aggressive. You can expect your screen to be flooded with waves of enemies and hostile attacks.

The 4th phase looks very similar to the 3rd, except that White Deaths will appear from time to time. An encounter with them will end with your death. The game will test your revival abilities. It is worth stocking up on Tiragisu.

Phase 5 will begin when all the skulls and eyes from above the boss's head are destroyed. You will then be flooded by a wave of Red Deaths accompanied by the last White Death. There is nothing left to do but finish off the boss and watch final fireworks.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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