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News video games 14 April 2023, 12:36

author: Adam Adamczyk

Wartales vs Battle Brothers - Which One Should I Play?

What are the differences between Wartales and Battle Brothers? What are the similarities between these two games?

Wartales was in early access for a while. The full version was released on Steam on April 12, 2023, after which it quickly attracted the attention of strategy fans with its eye-catching graphics and positive score. Many fans of this type of games began noticing similarities to Battle Brothers. In this text, we will present some similarities and differences between these two titles.


  1. Genre - the first and, for many gamers, the most important similarity between the two games is their genre. Both of them are turn-based strategies with RPG elements.
  2. Camera - another similarity is the isometric camera, which is why we see our units from a bird's eye view, although in the case of Battle Brothers the characters are represented in the form of portraits, so this type of camera is necessary in this game.
  3. Setting - although the worlds presented in both games differ from each other, they are both clearly inspired by the Middle Ages.
  4. Price - both games can be classified as mid-priced. Without a sale, Wartales on PC is around $35, while Battle Brothers is around $30.
Wartales vs Battle Brothers - Which One Should I Play? - picture #1

Wartales and Battle Brothers


  1. Graphics – the biggest difference between the two titles is undoubtedly the graphics. Wartales offers detailed, more realistic visuals, while Battle Brothers has 2D cartoon graphics.
  2. Plot - Wartales is definitely more focused on the plot. In Battle Brothers, story plays a much less significant role.
  3. Tactics - Wartales offers fights during which you need to use strategic thinking, but the title is still accessible to people who are just starting their adventure with this type of games. Battle Brothers is definitely more difficult and demanding, so a tactical approach and knowledge of various mechanics play a key role.
  4. Animations - due to the fact that Wartales has much more refined and realistic graphics, there are also many more animations in the game than in Battle Brothers.
  5. Platforms - Wartales is only available on PC. Battle Brothers can be played on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Which game to play?

Battle Brothers is recommended to fans of demanding fights and tactical thinking. However, if you care more about the story and also like turn-based combat, then Wartales will be a better choice.

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