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News guides 22 February 2023, 15:30

author: Adam Adamczyk

Where to Find Peculiar Cocoon in Wild Hearts

Peculiar Cocoon is one of the materials with which you can craft equipment. In this guide you will learn where to find it.

Wild Hearts is a popular recent game, in which we find ourselves in a large, picturesque world and fight challenging opponents in the form of sizable monsters. Effectiveness during such a skirmish depends largely on the equipment you have, and this can, for example, be crafted with the help of acquired materials. In this guide you will learn where to find the Peculiar Cocoon.

Peculiar Cocoon in Wild Hearts

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Peculiar Cocoon is a material that cannot be obtained at the beginning of the game. For such an opportunity, you have to wait until the second chapter, when the Fuyufusagi Fort location is unlocked., where the aforementioned material is located. It is needed for crafting some items and you need to collect three pieces to complete the Fettered Feelings - Part 1 quest.

How to unlock Fuyufusagi Fort in Wild Hearts

As we mentioned earlier, the described material is located in Fuyufusagi Fort, which is inaccessible at the beginning of the game. To unlock it, you need to complete the quests in the Akikure Canyon location. Fuyufusagi Fort is an important location because in addition to Peculiar Cocoon, other valuable materials such as Fine-Grained Lumber, Lightsone and Demon Rock can be found there.

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