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News Files and Mods 15 July 2022, 12:51

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Whole World at Your Fingertips; Now That's Minecraft We'd Explore

The default draw distance in Minecraft is not impressive. However, this mod will enable you to see even the most distant peaks and settlements.

  • Distant Horizons mod enables you to dramatically increase the draw distance in Minecraft.
  • It will enable you to see entire lands and distant peaks on the horizon.
  • The modification is not as demanding as it might seem.

Minecraft has a truly huge, almost endless open world. However, we are rarely able to fully experience its vastness. This is because the game's draw distance limiter does not allow it.

Of course, we can increase it in the settings, but we will never achieve a really impressive effect this way. Fortunately, there is a mod that will help us with this.

  1. Distant Horizons - download the mod from our FTP server

The horizon distant as never before

The modification in question is called Distant Horizons. The effects of its operation were presented on Reddit by one of the players, and one must admit that they are impressive.

Thanks to the mod, the draw distance has been increased up to 1024 blocks. This makes the horizon of the virtual world really far away. In the distance we can see entire bodies of water, distant structures and fragments of more biomes.

One might have thought that such a radical increase in rendering range would drastically affect the game's performance. However, the user who posted the video has a different opinion.

You can play Minecraft in Game Pass

The claims that the mod, contrary to expectations, does not require incredibly powerful hardware to use it freely. This statement, by the way, was supported by other players who interacted with Distant Horizons.

So it seems that even players with a mid-range PC can enjoy exceptional views in Minecraft. In turn, it's a good opportunity to test the mod, as it received another update yesterday and supports game version 1.19.

Unfortunately, there is one catch. Distant Horizons, for now, is unable to work together with shaders. So you have to choose between rendering range and beautiful lighting.

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