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System Shock Remake Guide by

System Shock Remake Guide

Table of Contents

System Shock Remake: All difficulty levels System Shock Remake guide, tips

In System Shock Remake you can adjust the difficulty level of battles, quests, cyberspace and puzzles. In the guide we describe all the difficulty levels and explain if you can change the settings already during the game.

Last update: 25 May 2023

System Shock Remake can become an easy or very challenging game depending on the difficulty level you choose. In the guide, we've listed all available difficulty level settings that influence combat, visiting Cyberspace, main quests, and solving puzzles. This will allow you to choose the best difficulty fitting your preferences.

Choosing and changing a difficulty level

The difficulty level screen is displayed after selecting a new game - System Shock Remake: All difficulty levels - Basics - System Shock Remake Guide

The difficulty level screen is displayed after selecting a new game. It is divided into 4 categories related to various elements of the gameplay. You can choose a different difficulty level from 1 to 3 for each.

The game does not allow you to change the difficulty level after you start the campaign. You should think carefully about the choices so that the game does not turn out to be too difficult. The optimal choice is to start the game with 2 settings, and you can reduce the difficulty, for example, of puzzles to solve them faster.

Category Combat

This group affects fighting with opponents - mutants, cyborgs, robots, and bosses.

  1. Difficulty 1 - You will encounter less opponents. In addition, they are less resistant, have weaker attacks, and are less aggressive.
  2. Difficulty 2 - You will encounter default number of opponents. They will have default endurance and attack values.
  3. Difficulty 3 - You will meet more opponents. They are also more resistant, their attacks are more powerful, and they attack your character more aggressively.

Category Mission

This group is related to the difficulty level of completing the game, that is, performing all mandatory steps to stop the artificial intelligence SHODAN.

  1. Difficulty 1 - There are 2 significant facilities available: navigation points leading to quest-related locations, and dropping quest items is prevented so you don't lose them by accident.
  2. Difficulty 2 - The default setting for the campaign. You won't have any help completing the game, but you do not need to rush.
  3. Difficulty 3 - The main hardship is that you need to complete the game in 5 hours, so it is not recommended for your first playthrough. In addition, the character can be permanently killed unless you've activated the Restoration Bay at a given level.

Category Cyber

This group involves fighting against hostile programs in Cyberspace.

  1. Difficulty 1- Cyberspace exploration is easier, and you can focus on breaking down barriers from the real world.
  2. Difficulty 2 - You must fight SHODAN programs in addition to exploring Cyberspace.
  3. Difficulty 3 - An additional hardship is that dying in Cyberspace means death in the real world. You must fight more effectively against hostile programs and look for green objects to restore energy.

Category Puzzles

This group is associated with completing mandatory and optional logic puzzles. The higher the difficulty level, the more difficult it is to find the right solution. For the first playthrough, we recommend that you choose difficulty 2. You will need to figure out some puzzles, but you shouldn't get stuck on any of them.

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