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System Shock Remake Guide by

System Shock Remake Guide

Table of Contents

System Shock Remake: List of story puzzles System Shock Remake guide, tips

Progress in System Shock Remake involves solving storyline puzzles. On this page of the guide you will find a list of the most difficult puzzles from the main storyline that are required to complete the game.

Last update: 15 June 2023

While playing System Shock Remake, you must solve mandatory story puzzles that require you to, e.g. obtain quest items or sabotage other Citadel systems to thwart SHODAN's plans. This guide page contains a list of puzzles from the main story that can be problematic. Reading their solutions will make it easier for you to successfully reach the game's finale.

Main story puzzles

  1. Isotope X-22 - On the page, we explain where to find isotope X-22 in Research Labs and where to place the isotope on the Reactor deck. This will allow you to activate the radiation shield.
  2. Disabling the mining laser - It's a complicated puzzle with sabotaging laser stations in the Research Labs. We tell you how to get Security Override Code and where to use it in the Reactor.
  3. Jettison Beta Grove - It's a very complex puzzle in the Management deck whose ultimate goal is to detach the contaminated Beta Grove from the main part of the Citadel.
  4. Repair relay 428 - We explain when the repair objective appears, where is the relay on the Maintenance deck and what steps are required to perform the repair.
  5. Destroy 4 antennas - Here you will learn how to unlock rooms with antennas and sabotage 4 antennas in Systems Engineering.
  6. Reactor's self-destruct procedure - We have described an extensive puzzle of completing the self-destruct code, reaching the reactor and activating the self-destruct procedure of the Citadel station.
  7. Use a life pod - On the page we explained where are the life pods on the Flight Deck, how to unlock them and what is the life pods' code.

Optional puzzles

  1. Chess puzzle - We described the rules of the optional chess puzzle in the Delta Grove. It's solution is random so you need to understand its requirements correctly.
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