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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Guide by

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Guide

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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Bloody Baron - list of all quests The Witcher 3 Guide

This list contain all quests required to finish story of Bloody Baron. Including Family Matters, A Princess in Distress or The Whispering Hillock.

Last update: 07 December 2021

On this page of the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt guide, you will find a list of all quests related to Bloody Baron from Crow's Perch. This information should help you complete the Bloody Baron storyline in 100% and unlock its best ending.

Detailed walkthroughs for all of the quests listed below can be found on the following pages of our guide.

In the descriptions of individual quests there are references to the maps of our world atlas. For example, (M3,7) suggests that we should find the point with the number 7 on the map with the number M3.

The complete Bloody Baron storyline in The Witcher 3

The quest performed for Bloody Baron (Philip Strenger) are directly related to the main storyline. However, completing all of them is not required for gathering information about Ciri. Below you will find a list of all quests related to this plot, in the order we suggest you should play them.

  1. Bloody Baron - The quest will start automatically after completing the Nilfgaardian Connection quest.
  2. Family Matters part 1 - The quest will start automatically after meeting Baron in Crow's Perch (M3,3). Play it till the meeting with the Pellar.
  3. A Princess in Distress - Talk to the Pellar (M3,7).
  4. Family Matters part 2 - After you receive information from the Pellar, go back to the Bloody Baron. You will have to make an important decision about the Botchling. You can kill it or transform into a Lubberkin. Important! This decision will have great impact on the follow-up of the quest.
  5. Family Matters part 3 - After the racing scene, Geralt will be asked to find the daughter and wife of Baron's. Go to Oxenfurt (M6) and talk to Tamara (M8,8). You will find the wife later.
  6. Hunting a Witch - The quest will start automatically after completing The Nilfgaardian Connection quest. Start playing it after finding Tamara, Baron's daughter.
  7. Wandering in the Dark - The quest will start during the conversation with Keira Metz in the Hunting a Witch quest. Before going to the meeting point make sure you have at least 6-7 experience level. You won't be able to cancel the quest in the middle.
  8. Ladies of the Wood part 1 - You will receive the quest after completing the Wandering in the Dark task. Play it up to the part where you receive a task from the Witches.
  9. The Whispering Hillock - You will receive this quest from the Witches in the Crookback Bog (M9,17). To complete it you must reach the cave (M9,8) and talk with the ghost. Once you receive the reward, go back to Ladies of the Wood. Important! The decision you make here will completely change the future of Baron and his family. To make the right choice, read our walkthrough to this quest.
  10. Ladies of the Wood part 2 - talk with the witches and give them the reward. The woman that contacted Ladies of the Wood will be revealed to be Anna, the lost Baron's wife.
  11. Family Matters part 4 - Go to Baron and tell him what you have found out. The quest will end.
  12. Return to the Crookback Bog - The quest will start automatically after completing the Family Matters task. How it will go depends on decision made during The Whispering Hillock quest. After completing it Baron's plot will end.
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