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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Guide by

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Guide

Table of Contents

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Main storyline - list of all quests The Witcher 3 Guide

Last update: 22 September 2021

This page of the guide contains a list of all quests in the main storyline in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. We have divided the list of available main quests in our walkthrough according to the main locations in which they begin.

All main quests in The Witcher 3 - general information

While playing the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt more than one main quest is active simultaneously. Because of that, one often asks himself what should he be doing now? In this special chapter you will find a list of all the most important quests in order in which we suggest you should play them. Detailed walkthroughs for all of the quests listed below can be found on the following pages of our guide.

Next to each position on the list you will find the quest name, information on how to start it and where to start it. This order is only suggested, you can always play the game differently. However, it is worth paying attention to the recommended quest levels in the journal. If you start a mission with Geralt's high recommended level too early, you may have huge problems with completing it.

When completing the main storyline, we recommend that you take a particular interest in the main quest Destination Skellige, which should be completed after reaching the experience level 15. Completing this quest will unlock permanent access to the Skellige Islands, the last major location in the game world. Additionally, before starting the main quest The Isle of Mists, in the second act of the campaign, you should finish all side quests in Geralt's journal.

{ramkiembieska} In the descriptions of individual quests there are references to the maps included in our world atlas. For example, (M1,15) suggests that we should find the point number 15 on the map with the number M1. {/ramkaniebieska}

White Orchard

  1. Lilac and Gooseberries - The quest will start automatically after talking to Vesemir (M1,1).
  2. The Beast of White Orchard - talk to the garrison commander in White Orchard (M1,15).
  3. Incident in the White Orchard - Talk to Vesemir in the inn (M1,17). Important! Starting this quest can cancel some side quests in the White Orchard. Make sure you complete them before talking to Vesemir.
  4. Royal Audience - The quest will start automatically when you reach the Royal Palace in Vizima.


  1. The Nilfgaardian Connection - The quest will start automatically after completing the Royal Audience quest.
  2. Bloody Baron - The quest will start automatically after completing the Nilfgaardian Connection quest.
  3. Ciri's Story: The King of the Wolves - The quest will start automatically during the conversation with the Bloody Baron.
  4. Family Matters part 1 - The quest will start automatically after meeting Baron in the Crow's Perch (M3,3). Play it till the meeting with the Pellar.
  5. A Princess in Distress - Talk to Pellar (M3,7).
  6. Family Matters part 2 - After you receive information from the Pellar, go back to the Bloody Baron. You will have to make an important decision about the Botchling. You can kill it or transform into a Lubberkin. Important! This decision will have great impact on the follow-up of the quest.
  7. Ciri's Story: The Race - The quest will start automatically during the conversation with the Bloody Baron.
  8. Hunting a Witch - The quest will start automatically after completing The Nilfgaardian Connection quest. Start playing it after finding Tamara, Baron's daughter.
  9. Wandering in the Dark - The quest will start during the conversation with Keira Metz in Hunting a Witch quest. Before going to the meeting point, make sure you have at least 6-7 experience level. You won't be able to cancel the quest in the middle.
  10. Ladies of the Wood - You will receive the quest after completing the Wandering in the Dark task. Play it to the part where you receive a task from the Witches.
  11. The Whispering Hillock - You will receive this quest from the Witches in the Crookback Bog (M9,17). To complete it you must reach the cave (M9,8) and talk to the ghost. After you receive the reward, go back to the Ladies of the Wood.
  12. Ladies of the Wood - talk to the witches. You will receive new information about Ciri. You won't learn more about her in this part of the map. Go to Novigrad (M6) to continue the search (continuation of Baron's story can be found in a separate chapter).


  1. Pyres of Novigrad - Go to the Free City of Novigrad and find Triss Merigold's house (M6,16). Complete tasks that are part of this quest.
  2. Novigrad Dreaming - The quest will start automatically during the Pyres of Novigrad quest. Triss will tell you to find the oneiromancer. Go to the pointed house (M6,19). You can complete this quest in two different ways but the decision won't impact the main storyline.
  3. Broken Flowers - The quest will start automatically after completing Novigrad Dreaming quest. You must find Dandelion to whom Ciri has reached out.
  4. Get Junior - after completing the Broken Flowers quest. Once you meet with Dijkstra (M6,21), you must explore the place that belongs to Junior and meet with Roche. King Radovid will tell you where you will find Junior.
  5. Ciri's Story: Visiting Junior - the quest starts automatically during the conversation with Junior as a part of the Get Junior quest.
  6. Count Reuven Treasure - after meeting with Junior during the Get Junior quest, you and Triss will infiltrate Menge house.
  7. The Play's The Thing - once you finish the Count Reuven Treasure quest, you must go to Priscilla where you will automatically start the quest in which you participate in the play prepared by the poet.
  8. A Poet Under Pressure - after The Play's The Thing quest you will find Dudu from whom you will learn where to find Dandelion and you will go to search for him together with Zoltan (M7,9).
  9. Ciri's Story: Breackneck Speed - Dandelion saved during A Poet Under Pressure quest will tell you what happened to Ciri.
  10. Destination: Skellige - this quest is available once you get to Novigrad, at any point after leaving White Orchard after completing the main quest Royal Audience. It allows you to start the main plot on Skellige.


  1. The King is Dead - Long Live The King - you receive this quest after reaching Skellige during the Destination: Skellige quest. You must go with Yennefer to the feast for jarl Crach an Craite. Together with her you will examine Mousesack's laboratory.
  2. Echoes of the Past - after The King is Dead - Long Live The King quest go meet with Yennefer and Mousesack in druid settlement. Together you will examine signs of magic activity in the forest.
  3. Missing Person - The quest will start automatically after completing the Echoes of the Past. Together with Yennefer you will go to Loften.
  4. Nameless - quickly after you complete the Missing Person quest and go with Yennefer to Freya garden to search for Ciri's track.
  5. The Calm Before The Storm - another quest about Ciri's story. You will have to visit a bath, fight with the Wild Hunt warriors and run away from the village. You will receive this quest during the Nameless quest.

Kaer Morhen (Act 2 - Uma Curse)

  1. Ugly Baby - The quest becomes available after completing all the main quests of act I. You will meet with Sergeant in Crow's Perch, then with Emhyr var Emreis and you will go to Kaer Morhen (M22,1).
  2. Disturbance - it's a subquest of Ugly Baby. Help Yennefer in finding the source of disturbance in Kaer Morhen (M22,1).
  3. The Final Trial - another subquest that is a part of Ugly Baby. Together with Lambert you will go to the elemental altar in order to load a magic artifact (M22,3).
  4. To Bait a Forktail... - a subquest of the Ugly Baby quest. Together with Eskel you will hunt a forktail (M22,4).
  5. No Place Like Home - once you finish the Ugly Baby quest, you will wait through the night in the companionship of other witchers (M22,1).
  6. Va Fail Elaine - the quest starts automatically after the No Place Like Home plot. Together with others gathered in Kaer Morhen you will remove the curse from Uma.
  7. The Isle of Mists - in this quest you will leave Kaer Morhen for a while in order to find Ciri on the Isle of Mists. You will receive this quest automatically after completing Va Fail Elaine.
  8. The Battle of Kaer Morhen - you will receive this quest automatically after completing The Isle Of Mists. It's another group quest in which in first order you must convince the witcher's friends to help him in defending the fortress. Once you collect the companions, you return to the stronghold and the battle will start (M22,2).
  9. Brothers in Arms: Nilfgard - subquest of The Battle of Kaer Morhen. You will visit Emhyr var Emreis.
  10. Brothers in Arms: Novigrad - subquest of The Battle of Kaer Morhen. Collect most of your crew by talking with Geralt's friends in Novigrad.
  11. Brothers in Arms: Skellige - subquest of The Battle of Kaer Morhen. Search for allies on Skellige.
  12. Blood on the Battlefield - you will receive this quest automatically after the battle in Kaer Morhen ends (in The Battle of Kaer Morhen quest). You will go to the emperor's palace in Vizima.

Act 3 - The Wild Hunt

  1. Bald Mountain - together with Ciri you will go to fight Imerlith, one of the commanders of the Wild Hunt. Ciri will also face Crones from Crookback Bog. You will receive this quest automatically after completing Blood on the Battlefield.
  2. Final Preparations - another group quest that you will receive after completing the Bald Mountain quest. To finish it, you must complete three subquests.
  3. Blidingly Obvious - One of the subquests that are a part of Final Preparations. You will go with Triss to Dijkstra baths where you will capture Philippa Eilhart. After this quest you can start the side quest Reason of State.
  4. Through Time and Space - second subquest of Final preparations. Go with Avallac'h to Tir na Lia. You will find him in Rosemary and Thyme.
  5. Payback - you will receive this quest automatically after completing Through Time and Space. You must follow Ciri and help her repay some people in Novigrad.
  6. The Great Escape - last subquest of Final Preparations. You must help sorceress Margarita escape from prison. You will go there together with Yennefer.
  7. Battle Preparations - continuation of the main quest will lead you to Skellige islands. Once again, you must complete three subquests to finish the plot.
  8. Sunstone - you will receive this quest automatically as part of the Battle Preparations. You must help Mousesack who will tell you where to look for clues. After obtaining the information, you and Philippa will go to the elven ruins in order to find the sunstone.
  9. Child of the Elder Blood - the quest will start once you complete the first part of Sunstone, more specifically once you learn where to find elven ruins. During the quest you and Ciri and Yennefer will go to Avallac'h's laboratory.
  10. Veni Vidi Vigo - last short quest, during which you must get to the emperor's ship and free Fringilla Vigo. One of the subquests of Battle Preparations.
  11. On Thin Ice - you will start this quest after completing the group quest Battle Preparations. Playing as Ciri and Geralt you will fight Eredin - ruler of the Wild Hunt.
  12. Tedd Deireadh, the Final Age - a short quest during which you and Yennefer will go to tower in order to find Ciri. It starts automatically after completing On Thin Ice.
  13. Something Ends, Something Begins - the last quest in the game (an epilogue). It starts after completing Tedd Deireadh, the Final Age. What happens in this quest depends on your actions during the game.
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