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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Guide by

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Guide

Table of Contents
Witcher 3 - Map of Skellige Islands
Witcher 3 - Map of Skellige Islands
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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Map of the Skellige Islands The Witcher 3 Guide

Last update: 18 November 2021

On this page of the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt guide, we have included one of the world maps. It shows the Skellige Islands , i.e. the archipelago visited later in the campaign. We have divided the map into several sectors and this is information about the numbering of the maps on the following pages of our world atlas.

Skellige Islands - world map

Above, you can find a map of the Skellige Islands. It's a part of the game world that you visit further in the campaign, namely when you start the main quest Destination: Skellige. Its walkthrough can be found in the chapter about the quests revolving around the Free City of Novigrad.

Our map has been divided into a series of smaller and numbered ones (starting with M13) and you can find their more detailed descriptions (quests and world atlas) in the following chapters.

Information about specific regions of the world:

M13 - Kaer Trolde - It's a location where you start your adventure on the islands. It's the northern part of Ard Skellig, the largest island of the archipelago. It's the home of jarl Crach an Craite and of king of Skellige. The name Kaer Trolde comes from the fortress which is, together with a fisherman village at its base, the most important part of the territory. You will land here at the beginning of the adventure and you will start here the most important quests during the meeting at the feast in the castle. In addition to the fact that many things related to main quest happen here, you will also find here many side quests and treasures, especially the gear upgrades diagrams. Most of this territory are mountains and forests, it's not an easy nor safe place to travel.

M14 - Kaer Muire - second, southern part of Ard Skellig. Madman Lugos is ruling this territory, his followers are conflicted with the citizens of the North. Kaer Muire is his quarter and the most important place on this territory (despite the fact that during the main quests you will visit it only once). Because of high mountains on majority of this territory, it's not as large as one could expect by looking at the map. Despite that, you will find many settlements here, a blacksmith and various merchants in virtually each of them. It's also the second territory on Skellige where you will find interesting side quests and witcher contracts. If you don't have high character level, many parts of this location will be unavailable for you due to strong monsters.

M15 - Spikeroog - Not much is happening on this western island, two villages, Svorlag and Hov, don't offer many attractions for travelers. You should visit this place to use the Place of Power and challenge the Master of the Arena, and obtain the title of master of fist fights after defeating opponents in other territories. If you decide to help jarl Crach, this will be one of the quest locations, in which you will find his daughter, Cerys, and will help her free the local ruler from the demon's power. You won't find any especially strong opponents on the island.

M16 - Northern Isles - A territory consisting of few small islands, with no main or side quests. The only reason to visit this place are treasures hidden underwater (smuggler's caches) and guarded by monsters on some isles. Your main opponents in this location are drowners at the coast and sirens with erynias on territories away from the shore. Monster slayer won't be bored here as well - on the largest island you will find an Archgriffin, a worthy opponent.

M17 - An Skellig - The island is very small, completely optional. You will find here only two side quests and few hidden treasures of low value. There aren't many valuable items to find on the sea in this region as well. The center of the island is a small village called Uriala in which you will find an inn, a blacksmith and a merchant. Since you won't visit this island during main quests, a little thing that might encourage you to visit it is a Place of Power at the top of the mountain.

M18 - Hindarsfjall - Eastern island Hindarsfjall is quite an interesting place. Despite its small size, you will find there three villages, Freya garden and even few caves. There are many side quests here, you will also visit this place during the last Skellige storyline. In Larvik village you can use the inn, play Gwent, repair your armor or make a new sword. However, it's not a place where you can get easily reach - except for the witcher contract, quests aren't well paid and the lack of treasures takes away an easy source of money.

M19 - Faroe - Another one of the smaller islands. In its center you will find smaller village Harviken with an innkeeper and a blacksmith. It's not a very interesting location, you will find here three quests and a few treasures. But you can face a Cyclops and an Arachas here, you will also continue one of the quests started in Novigrad here. Be careful when visiting the second village - Trottheim - as it is occupied by enemy pirates. You will find one Place of Power here.

M20 - Southern Isles - Here you will only find three smuggler's caches with very poor content, spoils of war, among which you will find one of the best saddlebags and a hidden treasure on the eastern isle of the archipelago.

M21 - Undvik - This Island is the biggest after Ard Skellig. However, it's completely abandoned, there's not a single human settlement here. You won't start any quests here as well (excluding treasure hunts). Despite that, you will visit it at least three times. First, when you decide to look for Hjalmar - son of jarl Crach. Second, when you will go to the Isle of Mists in the main quest. And finally, at the end of the storyline. You can also find here mastercrafted tools (related to a side quest). While saving the candidate for a king, you will face the ice giant - unique monster in this location.

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