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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Guide by

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Guide

Table of Contents

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Most important cheats - list The Witcher 3 Guide

Last update: 07 September 2021

This page lists the best cheats for The Witcher 3 on PC. Thanks to them, you won't have any problems with completing the game.

Check out Unlocking the cheats page to learn how to activate the debug console.

Most important cheats - combat

addabl('DamageBuff') - deal more damage

addabl('ForceCriticalHits') - each hit is a critical hit

dismember - dismembering a NPC

god - immortality

healme - regaining full health bar

killall - kill all enemies in Geralt's sight

killall x - kill all enemies in distance of x meters from Geralt. For example, killall 30 will kill all enemies that are no further than 30 meters from the witcher

likeaboss - enemies have more trouble with hitting Geralt

Most important cheats - Geralt

activateAllGlossaryBeastiary() - unlocking all entries in the bestiary (information about monsters and their weaknesses)

activateAllGlossaryCharacters() - unlocking all information about all characters in the journal

addexp(x) - you receive x experience points. For example, inputting addexp(100) will give you 100 experience points

addskillpoints(x) - you receive x skill points. For example, inputting addskillpoints(20) you will receive 20 skill points.

Cat(1) - you see in darkness, Cat(0) command deactivates this cheat

Drunk(1) - drunk Geralt, Drunk(0) command deactivates this cheat

levelup - you gain new experience level

setbeard(1) - adds a beard for Geralt

setlevel(x) - set the experience level, enter the level instead of the x. For example, setlevel(10) command will change Geralt's character level to ten.

settattoo(1) - a tattoo appears on Geralt's body. Settattoo(0) command removes it.

shave - Geralt's beard is shaved

WitcherHairstyle('1') - change character haircut

WitcherHairstyle('2') - change character haircut

WitcherHairstyle('3') - change character haircut

Most important cheats - exploration

AllowFT(1) - unlocks the ability to use quick travel from any place in the game (without the need to reach one of the signposts)

gotoKaerMohren - instant travel to Kaer Mohren

gotoNovigrad - instant travel to Novigrad

gotoProlog - instant travel to White Orchard

gotoPrologWinter - instant travel to the winter version of White Orchard

gotoSkellige - instant travel to the Skellige Isles

gotoWyzima - instant travel to Royal Palace in Vizima

ShowAllFT(1) - uncover all signposts on the game map (the ones used for quick travel)

ShowKnownPins(1) - shows all question marks on the world map. The question marks symbolizes optional locations (they normally appear by visiting the notice boards)

ShowPins(1) - shows all question marks on the world map. The question marks symbolizes optional locations (they normally appear by visiting the notice boards)

xy(parameter1,parameter2) - instant travel to selected place, you must input precise coordinates instead of parameter1 and parameter2, for example xy(100,150) Important! You must use this code wisely, it might move Geralt someplace where he will get stuck or will fall from high above.

Most important cheats - card game (Gwent)

addgwintcards - receive one new card of each type

secretgwint - you can start playing Gwent anytime you want

winGwint(true) - you win current game

Most important cheats - horse

additem('Horse Bag 3') - you receive the best horse bags (increase inventory capacity)

additem('Horse Blinder 3') - you receive the best horse blinder (lower chance for falling off the horse)

additem('Horse Saddle 4') - you receive the best horse saddle

instantMount('horse') - you instantly mount a horse

staminapony - unlimited horse stamina - it allows you to constantly travel in full gallop

Most important cheats - cash

addmoney(x) - you receive x crowns (enter some value instead of x, for example 100)

removemoney(x) - you lose x crowns (enter some value instead of x, for example 100)

Most important cheats - playing as Ciri

Ciri - playing as Ciri - type Geralt command to return to playing as Geralt

addabl(CiriCharge) - Ciri receives Charge skill

addabl(CiriBlink) - Ciri receives Blink skill

addabl(Ciri_Rage) - Ciri receives Rage skill

addabl(Ciri_Q205) - Ciri has 250 health points

addabl(Ciri_Q305) - Ciri has 500 health points and 100 attack points

addabl(Ciri_Q403) - Ciri has 2000 health points and 500 attack points

addabl(Ciri_Q111) - Ciri has 2500 health points and 600 attack points

addabl(Ciri_Q501) - Ciri has 2500 health points and 800 attack points

additem(q403_ciri_meteor) - Ciri receives meteor

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