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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Guide by

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Guide

Table of Contents

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Strategies and hints in Gwent The Witcher 3 Guide

Last update: 07 September 2021

This page of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt has strategies and tips that will help you win Gwent matches. We have prepared various hints on, e.g. recommended actions during the turns, the order of using the cards, or reacting to the opponent's moves. With our tips, you will have easier time winning the matches and unlocking the trophy for obtaining all the cards.

The following list has more advanced tips and strategies for Gwent. The mini-game's basic rules can be found on the Basics of the game page.

Notice that your opponent has much more points but he has only one card left - The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Strategies and hints in Gwent - Gwent game - The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Guide
Notice that your opponent has much more points but he has only one card left

1. The beginning of the game is most important. Use weak cards in first rounds, try to keep the same amount of points as your enemy or have 1-3 points more than him. If you have them, use spies cards at first. They are moved to your opponent's side and they add points to his card set while you obtain two cards from the deck.

2. First round doesn't have to be won at all cost - computer is playing carefully at that point, he tries to lose as little points in winning cards as possible. If your advantage is too large, enemy will fold immediately. If you would have to lose crucial cards from which you intend to get many points - fold as well. After that, in second round enemy is usually throwing only one card or he is folding immediately, forcing you to waste the card.

3. Start each round with weak cards. Enemy can destroy your cards, so it's unwise to lose the strongest ones. If it's the last round, then start with unique cards (with stars) - enemy can't do anything with them. Wait till the end with all "buffs" - special cards that increase the potential of specific cards or whole row.

When you throw a card at the beginning, avoid using few cards with the same strength - if enemy will use the scorch card all cards with the same (highest) strength on the board will be destroyed. You can try to pick cards so that you are one step ahead of your enemy.

4. To secure yourself from special weather cards you should always have at least one card that resets negative effects. Use them at the end, unless you have weather cards yourself - then make sure that by wanting to clean your negative modifier and place another one on enemy you won't remove both modifiers at once.

5 Decoy is one of the better cards - it is especially useful in two situations: when you want to use a special card again (which, for example, allows you to regain "dropped" cards) or when you want to get a strong card back from the board to use it in another round (for example, when enemy has given up the round and you have much more points)

6. Each fraction has a weak point:

  1. Freezing weather card is best against monsters - they always have many melee units.
  2. Scoia'tael are similar; however, in their case you must watch out for ranged units as well.
  3. When fighting Nilfgaard, prepare for many weak cards that connect with other cards of the same type (which doubles their points), so be prepared to face melee units as well. They have many spies as well, so wait with Decoy cards until enemy uses them so that you can capture them.
  4. Northern Realms specialize mostly in siege units - rain weather card is recommended against them.
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