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Dragon Age: Origins Game Guide by

Dragon Age: Origins Game Guide

Table of Contents

Dragon Age Origins: Attributes Dragon Age: Origins Guide

Last update: 07 June 2024

All the hints found in this section of the atlas apply not only to the creation process but also to the rest of the game, because you'll be spending new points each time you've advanced to a higher level of experience.


I would strongly recommend spending most of the points on strength and constitution. Increasing your strength will result in the ability of inflicting serious wounds and on the precision of each hit. It would be good idea to build up this attribute to 30 or even 40 points, especially if you plan on wearing some of the best armors available in the game. The same goes with melee weapons, because most of them can't be used unless you're strong enough. As for constitution, raising this attribute will give you more health points, so you won't have to use healing potions or rely on your mages healing your wounds. This becomes especially important in the early parts of the game when every point spent on this attribute will make a difference on the battlefield.

As for other attributes, don't forget about dexterity to increase your chances of dodging enemy attacks, however naturally you should be spending less points here. You'll only want to spend a few points on cunning to unlock some of the more useful skills and you should totally ignore willpower and magic.


Two attributes you should be interested in the most are cunning and dexterity. Investing points in cunning will allow you to unlock new types of attacks and some of them are going to be crucial to your character becoming a useful member of the team. Make sure to achieve 20 cunning points as soon as possible by spending points on this with each advancement to a higher level. As for dexterity, developing this attribute will be an important thing even if you plan on using melee weapons instead of bows and crossbows.

Don't forget about strength, however this attribute won't be so important as it was with the warriors. I wouldn't recommend ignoring it or spending only a few points on it, though, because increasing strength will grant your rogue with a possibility of wearing better armors and using better weapons. The same goes with constitution, however you may decide to ignore it more often if your character specializes in attacks made from a distance. Spend only a few points on willpower and ignore magic, because you won't need it to become a great rogue.


Two attributes you'll have to think about the most are magic and willpower. As for magic, your primary concern will be to increase power of your spells and that will play a very important role on the battlefield. Investing points in willpower, on the other hand, will grant you with more mana points needed to cast spells. This will prevent you from having to use lyrium potions too often, especially since aren't cheap to buy. Having a lot of mana is important especially in the early stages of the game or if you're playing on a higher difficulty setting. Both parameters need to be developed using similar amounts of points and you should be choosing them each time you've advanced to a higher level, even if it means spending 1 point on either of them.

I would recommend spending far less points on cunning and on dexterity needed to increase your chances of performing successful attacks. Strength and constitution should land on the bottom of your list of priorities, because as long as you play it right you won't have to worry about your mage not being strong enough in direct combat or not having too many health points. Spending 10 points on constitution throughout the course of an entire game should be more than enough and as for strength spend as much as you need to be allowed to wear a better mage armor. Don't forget about stamina, though, because a heavier armor may more of a burden rather than a life saver.

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