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Dragon Age: Origins Game Guide

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Dragon Age Origins: Where are the love letters? Dragon Age: Origins Guide

In Dragon Age Origins, Love Letters are quest items from the Correspondence Interruptus side quest. On this page of our guide we provide the exact locations of all 12 Love Letters that the Barman from Denerim asks you to find.

Last update: 13 June 2024

Finding all 12 of Love Letters in Dragon Age: Origins is part of a side quest called Correspondence Interruptus. Our walkthrough for this quest shows how to initiate this side task and the exact locations of all Love Letters sought by the Barman in Gnawed Noble tavern in Denerim.

Most of the Love Letters are hidden in locked chests that you need to open first. This means that you need to learn lockpicking - more on this topic in How Lockpicking works? page of our FAQ chapter.

Accessing the side quest

You can obtain the letters in any order - Dragon Age Origins: Where are the love letters? - FAQ - Dragon Age: Origins Game Guide
  1. Correspondence Interruptus quest can be initiated in Denerim's Market District.
  2. You need to enter Gnawed Noble tavern and talk to the Barman. He will ask the party to retrieve 12 Love Letters. A possible facilitation here is that they are treated as quest items, which means you cannot remove or sell them.

List and locations of letters

You can obtain the letters in any order. Unfortunately, there are scattered all over the world of the game. Here are their locations:

  1. Wade's Emporium in the Market District of Denerim - In one of the chests in the store.
  2. The Pearl in Denerim - You need to look into one of the smaller rooms and open the chest.
  3. Arl Eamon's Estate in Denerim - Inside a chest in the bedroom.
  4. Dalish Camp in Brecilian Forest - Find a chest near Varathorn in the camp.
  5. Ruins Upper Level in Brecilian Forest - Examine the southern hidden passage.
  6. Royal Palace in Diamond Quarter in Orzammar - Look into one of the smaller rooms in the eastern part of the palace. Open the locked chest.
  7. Carta hideout in Commons in Orzammar - You need to defeat Jarvii and search her office.
  8. The Spoiled Princess in Lake Calenhad - Look inside the tavern and break into the locked chest.
  9. Redcliffe Village - Look for a chest inside the windmill on the hill.
  10. Cellar of Redcliffe Castle - Look for a chest in the cellar area that connects the main level of the castle with the courtyard.
  11. Senior Mage Quarters in Circle Tower - The letter is in a locked chest in one of the eastern rooms.
  12. Haven - there is a chest in one of the huts.
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