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Dragon Age: Origins Game Guide

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Dragon Age Origins: Recommended order of story quests Dragon Age: Origins Guide

Is there a recommended order in which story quests should be tackled? On this page we show the order we've used in our playthrough. Additionally, you'll learn whether changing the order may lead to eventual omitting of certain story sequences

Last update: 13 June 2024

In Dragon Age: Origins, is there a predetermined order for completing story quests? On this page of our guide, you'll learn which order of story quests is best, and additionally, we answer whether you can fail story quests as a result of ignoring the correct sequence of tasks.

A separate page, In what order should the DLCs should be played?, you'll find the recommended order in which you should tackle story DLCs released for the game

Introduction to the main part of the campaign

The start of the story campaign is always played in the same order - Dragon Age Origins: Recommended order of story quests - Basics - Dragon Age: Origins Game Guide

The start of the story campaign is always played in the same order. You must complete:

  1. Origin quest - it differs based on the chosen Origin and there are as many as 6 possible Origins in the game.
  2. Joining the Grey Wardens quest - in the course of it, you'll visit Ostagar and Korcari Wilds. You don't have to explore these locations in 100%, but all story objectives have to be completed.
  3. Lothering and the Imperial Highway quest - You need to reach the village of Lothering and complete all actions there. This is also the only opportunity to meet all NPCs from the location and complete all side quests of the area.

Recommended order of main story quests

After leaving Lothering, youll find yourself in the camp - Dragon Age Origins: Recommended order of story quests - Basics - Dragon Age: Origins Game Guide

After leaving Lothering, you'll find yourself in the camp. After leaving it, you can for the first time explore the world of the game - Ferelden - freely.

The overarching objective, as Grey Wardens, will be to unite various races and factions of Ferelden in the fight against the Blight. Convincing each group is the theme of a separate story quest in your journal.

The only factor that may affect the course of completing story missions are experience levels of encountered opponents. For example, if you embark to Orzammar too early, the weak party will have problems with winning fights there. Here is the order of quests suggested by us:

  1. Broken Circle - Visiting the Circle Tower to recruit either the mages or the templars. The enemies encountered here will start from level 5.
  2. Arl of Redcliffe - You'll visit the Radcliffe village and castle to recruit Arl Eamon and his forces. The enemies encountered here will start from level 5.
  3. Urn of Sacred Ashes - During this task you'll visit Denerim and then the Haven village to retrieve the ashes needed for healing Arl Eamon. The enemies encountered here will start from level 7.
  4. Nature of the Beast - You'll visit the Brecilian Forest to recruit either the elves or the werewolves. The enemies encountered here will start from level 7.
  5. Paragon of Her Kind - In the course of this task, you'll visit Orzammar to recruit the dwarves to your cause. The enemies encountered here will start from level 10.

The final part of the campaign involves following main tasks:

  1. Gather the Army - This task is unlocked after completing The Arl of Redcliffe task, but to proceed with it, you need to complete the remaining recruitment story quests that we listed in the previous list.
  2. Landsmeet - this task will be initiated right after the conclusion of the previous one, takin the action to Denerim.
  3. Final Battle - This is the final quest in the main storyline. There is a choice related to Morrigan - accepting or rejecting her offer.

Can you fail a main quest?

  1. The order in which factions/races are recruited to fight the Blight does not matter in the context of the plot. You don't have to worry that choosing a different order than the recommended one will affect your chances of winning or the course of the finale. You cannot irreversibly fail any of the main quests, e.g. if you do not reach a location associated with a certain group quickly enough.
  2. Some main quests force you to choose allies - you can, for example, side with the mages or Templars, or choose between werewolves or elves. Regardless of the chosen affiliation, you will receive support in the finale.
  3. Specific important choices await you primarily in The Landsmeet main quest and we have described them in our walkthrough. They can influence the voting result, who will be crowned and who might eventually get married.
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