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Dragon Age: Origins Game Guide

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Dragon Age Origins: Is there respec? Dragon Age: Origins Guide

Can you respec a character in Dragon Age Origins? Our guide explains whether the so-called respec is available - whether it is possible to reset skills, attributes, talents, specializations, and spells. We also explain how the Character Respecialization mod works on PC.

Last update: 13 June 2024

During a playthrough of Dragon Age: Origins, you may want to reset a hero, also known as performing the so-called respec. On this page, you will learn whether you can reset skills, talents, specializations, attributes, and spells to develop a chosen character from the party anew. We also described how the Character Respecialization mod works.

Is there a character respec?

1 - Dragon Age Origins: Is there respec? - FAQ - Dragon Age: Origins Game Guide
  1. You increase attributes and choose skills, talents, and spells when your character levels up. Each specialization needs to be unlocked in some unique way.
  2. There is no option to reset skills in the game, so respec is impossible. You should treat all choices as final. After you allocate development points in the level up window, the game will always ask you for confirmation. You can also save the game before opening the level up window.
  3. The option to reset a character by drinking a potion only appeared in the Black Emporium DLC for Dragon Age 2. It is also available through a special talisman in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Mod Character Respecialization for PC

  1. If you are playing the console version (PS3 or Xbox 360), there is no alternative solution. All choices are final.
  2. As for the PC version, you can use mods. In our opinion, the best modification created for character reset is the Character Respecialization mod, which can be downloaded from, among others, the Nexus Mods website.
  3. The mentioned mod allows for resetting attributes, specializations, spells, talents, and skills. It works for all party members, not just the main character. All spent development points will be returned and you can redistribute them again (respec).
  4. The Character Respecialization mod also takes into account all bonus development points related to, among others, the DLC content. As a result, you should not lose anything, although for certainty before using the mod, we recommend creating a manual save.
  5. After installing the mod, you can use respec by talking to a new NPC called Raven, who appears, among others, in front of Flemeth's hut and in the party's camp. If you don't see this NPC in the camp, visit this place again, because his appearance might have been blocked by the activation of some important scene in the camp.
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