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Dragon Age: Origins Game Guide

Dragon Age: Origins Game Guide

Where Dragons Dare. This main guide to Dragon Age: Origins video game contains a detailed info on primary and secondary quests available in the game.

Last update: 13 June 2024

This main guide to Dragon Age Origins video game contains a detailed info on primary and secondary quests available in the game. Each quest has been described thoroughly. Possible solutions are shown and ways to defeat enemies are described.

Dragon Age Origins: Guide content

All the quests in this guide have been divided into four main categories: The first category contains all six origins stories played immediately after a new hero has been created (player is allowed to choose a story depending on race and class). The second category contains all main quests tied to the Plague issue. Their completion is required to reach one of the endings of the game. The third category contains all quests tied to certain locations. Some of these assignments are mandatory and some of them are optional. The final fourth category contains small quests given to the main character by members of different guilds and organizations.

This game guide is also offering more than 80 large maps of certain areas of Ferelden and their role is to make the process of finding items, NPC's and monsters easier.

Dragon Age Origins: Basics

  1. Tips and Tricks
  2. Recommended order of story quests

Dragon Age Origins: FAQ

  1. Is there respec?
  2. What is the maximum level?
  3. How to gain experience faster?
  4. What is the DLC order?
  5. Can you hide the helmet?
  6. How does lockpicking work?
  7. How does Pickpocketing work?
  8. Where are the Places of Power?
  9. Where are the love letters?

Dragon Age Origins: Character development

  1. Creating a new hero
  2. Attributes
  3. Skills
  4. Talents and spells - p.1
  5. Talents and spells - p.2

Dragon Age Origins: Followers

  1. Introduction
  2. Relations
  3. List of companions
  4. Introduction to gifts
  5. List of gifts

Dragon Age Origins: Origin stories

Dalish elf

  1. The lost mysteries of the Ancients

Dwarf commoner

  1. Beraht's goodwill
  2. Proof of loyalty
  3. Enslaved

City elf

  1. A Day for celebration


  1. The Harrowing
  2. The Circle Mage
  3. Ties of blood and magic
  4. Pests in the storage area

Human noble

  1. Father's assignment
  2. Chaos in the pantry
  3. Sweet Dairren
  4. Sweet Iona
  5. Howe's betrayal
  6. The Cousland treasury

Dwarf noble

  1. The noble feast
  2. Noble journey
  3. Exile

Dragon Age Origins: All main quests

  1. Lothering and the Imperial Highway
  2. Arl of Redcliffe
  3. Broken circle
  4. Lost in dreams
  5. Nature of the beast
  6. Paragon of her kind
  7. Urn of the Sacred Ashes
  8. Gather an army
  9. Landsmeet
  10. The final battle

Dragon Age Origins: Ostagar

  1. Joining the Grey Wardens
  2. Tainted blood
  3. The Grey Wardens' cache
  4. The mabari hound - part 1
  5. The mabari hound - part 2
  6. Hungry deserter
  7. After the ritual
  8. Tower of Ishal

Dragon Age Origins: Korcari wilds

  1. The missionary
  2. Last will and testament
  3. Sign on the Chasind trail

Dragon Age Origins: Lothering

  1. Bandits on the road
  2. A fallen templar
  3. Chanter's board
  4. More than just plants
  5. A poisonous proposition
  6. The imprisoned qunari
  7. Traps are a girl's best friend

Dragon Age Origins: Campsite

  1. Enchanting

Dragon Age Origins: Campsite

  1. A village under siege
  2. A missing child
  3. Lost in the castle
  4. Attack at dawn

Dragon Age Origins: The Circle tower

  1. Five pages, four mages
  2. Summoning sciences
  3. Watchguard of the Reaching

Dragon Age Origins: Denerim

  1. Pearls before swine
  2. Honor bound
  3. Back alleys justice
  4. The last request
  5. Trial of the crows
  6. The Crimson Oars
  7. Forgotten verses
  8. Drake scale armor
  9. Dragon scale armor
  10. Unbound
  11. Saving the queen
  12. Tortured noble
  13. Missing in action
  14. The lost templar
  15. Captured!
  16. Unrest in the alienage
  17. Something wicked
  18. Voices
  19. Fazzil's request
  20. Crime wave
  21. Friends of Red Jenny

Dragon Age Origins: Denerim

  1. Touched by the curse
  2. Cammen's lament
  3. Unique ironbark
  4. Elora's halla
  5. Wounded in the forest
  6. Mage's treasure
  7. Elven ritual
  8. Arcane warrior

Dragon Age Origins: Orzammar

  1. Find secretary Banderol
  2. Vartag Gavorn
  3. Dulin Forender
  4. A lost nug
  5. An unlikely scholar
  6. A mother's hope
  7. A chant in the deeps
  8. Precious metals
  9. Zerlinda's woe
  10. Thief in the house of science
  11. Lost to the memories
  12. Prince's grace: First assignment
  13. Lord's trust: First assignment
  14. Prince's grace: Second assignment
  15. Lord's trust: Second assignment
  16. Jarvia's hideout
  17. Exotic methods
  18. Anvil of the Void
  19. Paragon of her kind
  20. Jammer's stash
  21. The dead caste
  22. The golem registry
  23. Asunder
  24. Topsider's honor
  25. Key to the City
  26. Drifter's cache

Dragon Age Origins: Followers

  1. Flemeth's grimoire
  2. Alistair's family
  3. Oghren's old love
  4. Beresaad sword
  5. Wynne's remorse
  6. Zevran
  7. Leliana's past

Dragon Age Origins: Guild quests

  1. Blackstone irregulars
  2. Chanter's board
  3. The mages' collective
  4. Favors

Dragon Age Origins: Maps

  1. Map M1: Forest clearing
  2. Map M2: Elven Ruins
  3. Map M3: Dalish Elf Camp
  4. Map M4: Dust Town
  5. Map M5: Commons
  6. Map M6: Proving Grounds
  7. Map M7: Beraht's Hideout
  8. Map M8: Elven Alienage
  9. Map M9: Arl Of Denerim's Estate - Exterior
  10. Map M10: Arl Of Denerim's Estate - Interior
  11. Map M11: The Circle Tower Chambers
  12. Map M12: Fade
  13. Map M13: Caves
  14. Map M14: Basement
  15. Map M15: Cousland Castle
  16. Map M16: Royal Palace
  17. Map M17: Diamond Quarter
  18. Map M18: Proving Grounds
  19. Map M19: Ruined Thaig
  20. Map M20: Deep Roads Outskirts
  21. Map M21: Ostagar
  22. Map M22: Korcari Wilds
  23. Map M23: Tower Of Ishal
  24. Map M24: Flemeth's Hut
  25. Map M25: Lothering
  26. Map M26: Campsite
  27. Map M27: Redcliffe
  28. Map M28: Redcliffe Castle - Basement
  29. Map M29: Redcliffe Castle
  30. Map M30: Redcliffe Castle - Courtyard
  31. Map M31: Redcliffe Castle - Fade
  32. Map M32: Lake Calenhad Docks
  33. Map M33: The Circle Tower - Lower Levels
  34. Map M34: The Circle Tower - Upper Levels
  35. Map M35: The Raw Fade
  36. Map M36: Darkspawn Invasion
  37. Map M37: Templar's Nightmare
  38. Map M38: Burning Tower
  39. Map M39: Mage Asunder
  40. Map M40: Inner Sanctum
  41. Map M41: Dalish Elf Camp
  42. Map M42: Brecilian Forest - Western Part
  43. Map M43: Brecilian Forest - Eastern Part
  44. Map M44: Upper Ruins
  45. Map M45: Lower Ruins
  46. Map M46: Werewolves Lair
  47. Map M47: Frostback Mountains Pass
  48. Map M48: Commons
  49. Map M49: Dust Town
  50. Map M50: Cartel Hideout
  51. Map M51: Proving Grounds
  52. Map M52: Diamond Quarter
  53. Map M53: Orzammar - Other Locations
  54. Map M54: Royal Palace
  55. Map M55: Aeducan Thaig
  56. Map M56: Caridin's Cross
  57. Map M57: Ortan Thaig
  58. Map M58: The Dead Trenches
  59. Map M59: Anvil Of The Void
  60. Map M60: Village Of Haven
  61. Map M61: Ruined Temple
  62. Map M62: Caves
  63. Map M63: Trials
  64. Map M64: Market District
  65. Map M65: Denerim - Other Locations
  66. Map M66: Elven Alienage
  67. Map M67: Abandoned Orphanage
  68. Map M68: Elven Alienage - Other Locations
  69. Map M69: Denerim - Alleys
  70. Map M70: Abandoned Building
  71. Map M71: Arl Eamon's Estate
  72. Map M72: Arl Of Denerim's Estate - Exterior
  73. Map M73: Arl Of Denerim's Estate - Interior
  74. Map M74: Arl Of Denerim's Estate - Dungeon
  75. Map M75: Denerim - Western Hill Bann's Estate
  76. Map M76: City Gates
  77. Map M77: Palace District
  78. Map M78: Fort Drakon
  79. Map M79: Fort Drakon - Main Floor
  80. Map M80: Fort Drakon - First Floor
  81. Map M81: Fort Drakon - Roof
  82. World Map 1: Ferelden
  83. World map 2: Denerim
  84. World map 3: The Deep Roads

Dragon Age Origins: Maps of Main areas

  1. Origin 1: Dalish elf
  2. Origin 2: Dwarf commoner
  3. Origin 3: City elf
  4. Origin 4: Magi
  5. Origin 5: Human noble
  6. Origin 6: Dwarf noble
  7. Ostagar and Korcari wilds
  8. Lothering
  9. Campsite / Game world
  10. Redcliffe
  11. Lake Calenhad
  12. The Circle tower
  13. Brecilian forest
  14. Orzammar
  15. Denerim
  16. Ruined temple

Dragon Age Origins: All Collectibles

  1. Merchants
  2. Backpacks
  3. Guild representatives
  4. Crafting - Traps
  5. Crafting - Poison
  6. Crafting - Herbs
  7. Tomes of knowledge

Dragon Age Origins: Trophies and Bestiary

  1. Bestiary - p.1
  2. Bestiary - p.2
  3. Achievements

About Dragon Age: Origins Game Guide

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last update :

Guide contains : 256 pages, 886 images.

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Dragon Age: Origins Video Game

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  • developer: BioWare Corporation
  • publisher: Electronic Arts Inc.
  • platform: PC, XBOX360, PS3
  • rated: 18+

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