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TOP 15 - Best Strategy Games on PC

We have selected our favorite strategy games. The choice wasn't easy and the list includes really diverse titles. The vast majority of these should not surprise anyone.

The period of strategy games conquering the mainstream in gaming is long gone. Fortunately, this did not affect those productions, which can still often boast of considerable momentum. The editors of Gamepressure.com decided to create their list of such strategic games available for sale.

There have been many very good titles over the years. Some of them, however, are difficult to obtain, such as The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth or Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends - personally, I value both of these games very much. There are also pretty solid strategy games, which unfortunately are hampered by outdated network infrastructure - and here you can mention Universe at War: Earth Assault - and the requirement to connect to Games for Windows Live.

Therefore, the list below contains games available without any problems on the market. The list consists of 15 games, but their order is entirely random and does not imply which one is the best or the worst in our opinion.

Civilization 6

  1. What we value the most: continuing the path set by its predecessors and maintaining high quality
  2. Developer: Firaxis Games
  3. Release year: 2016

For many creators, the Civilization series is a real inspiration. Its sixth installment seems to be the best and most addictive at the moment. A huge number of available civilizations and their leaders means that everyone should find an interesting nation here. In addition, visually Civilization 6 has entered a completely new level and despite being six-years-old, the game still looks very good.

Of course, one may have some doubts about how Firaxis monetizes the latest Civilization . Fortunately, now the game is often on sale, so if anyone hasn't had a chance to check out Civilization 6 yet, the upcoming summer sale on Steam will definitely be the perfect opportunity. Many different configuration options allow you to perfectly adjust the difficulty level, so that veterans and newcomers will have a great time leading their favorite nation into the future.

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  1. What we value the most: the immersive classic multiplayer gameplay and the engaging story campaign
  2. Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
  3. Release year: 2010

StarCraft is a true legend, and the second installment of the series is still very popular. It was a good move to make Wings of Liberty free 5 years ago, because getting to know the game has never been more affordable. You still have to pay for the other two campaigns, but the meat of this production, i.e. the multiplayer mode, is open to players who only have a free starter.

StarCraft 2 is your typical "easy to learn, hard to master" game. The basics are very easy, but it takes a lot of practice to master all management. However, it is not worth being scared off, because each successive victory and new learned tactics give a lot of satisfaction. In addition, this production has a cooperation mode with commanders, which gave StarCraft 2 a second life . The story itself is also worth playing, but it's good to know the events of the original. It's a pity that after the release of the aforementioned mode, Blizzard gave up further development of the game.

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  1. What we appreciate the most: continuing a great series and finally allowing players to lead an army of Chaos
  2. Developers: Creative Assembly
  3. Release year: 2022

There was probably no better place for good old Warhammer Fantasy than the Total War series. Developers perfectly fitted the miniature wargame into pixel frames. And thus, one of the best strategies of recent years was created. The third part had a rather difficult start, but managed to pull through. On the plus side, the players should definitely include the army of Chaos gods, and recently also Chaos dwarves (although their appearance met with a very mixed reception).

Despite these problems , Total War: Warhammer 3 is a very solid strategy game that keeps you engaged for at least hundreds of hours. The world presented here is rich in stories that are created by all nations and factions present there. It is true that those related to the two previous installments of the series may seem poorer and less developed compared to the newer ones, but perhaps something will be changed here. This game also supports mods, so fans can let their imagination run wild and add elements that they think are missing from the original. Testing the game itself also turns out to be easy, because you can try out Total War: Warhammer 3 as part of the Game Pass.

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Crusader Kings 3, Paradox Interactive, 2020 - The best PC strategy games - our TOP 15 - documentary - 2023-04-23
Crusader Kings 3, Paradox Interactive, 2020
  1. What we value the most: the unique approach to the grand strategy genre, leading your dynasty through the ages and interacting with the medieval world
  2. Developer: Paradox Development Studio
  3. Release year: 2020

Of all the Paradox games , the Crusader Kings series stands out the most. Yes, we are still operating from the map perspective, conquering more lands and so on. In this case, however, it's not about the typical "painting the map", and the gameplay is definitely more RPG-like. We play the role of a ruler and our task is to create a dynasty that will last for centuries. Therefore, all political and military matters are subordinated solely to the interests of our character.

Crusader Kings 3 focuses even more on the appropriate role of the monarch. The DLC policy seems much more subdued and focused on expanding gameplay elements that affect the relationship between the player's character and the AI-controlled rulers. It is true that some of the add-ons could probably be in the game as regular updates, but for Paradox, it's still quite good (which of course doesn't justify anything). Crusader Kings 3 is a very successful monarch simulator in which you can experience medieval life filled with succession struggles, conspiracies and alliances - all to be tested across different cultures: from those of Western Europe to the Far East.

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Cities: Skylines, Paradox Interactive, 2015 - The best strategy games for PC - our TOP 15 - documentary - 2023-04-23
Cities: Skylines, Paradox Interactive, 2015
  1. What we value the most: the rebirth of city builders and opening them up on a scale that was not available before
  2. Developers: Colossal Order Ltd.
  3. Release year: 2015

The last part of SimCity did not turn out to be very successful and Cities: Skylines was a real godsend for the biggest fans of the genre. The extremely detailed and extensive simulator enabled players to create the cities of their dreams. This production has been expanded with a fairly solid dose of DLCs, but as with other games, sales often save those who want to expand their collection. Thanks to this, Cities: Skylines in its final form is a monumental game in which we are limited only by our imagination.

The aforementioned imagination will be enabled to run even more wild with mods, because the more talented fans have used their skills to add new elements and improve the existing ones. It was the players who created much better traffic, which in the basic version of the game left a little to be desired. Paradox announced the continuation, but it still has a long way to go. Until then, the first Cities: Skylines deserves to be tried out.

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Heroes 3, 3DO Company, 1999 - The best PC strategy games - our TOP 15 - documentary - 2023-04-23
Heroes 3, 3DO Company, 1999
  1. What we value the most: being with the players through the good and the bad all these years and for immortal playability
  2. Developers: The 3DO Company
  3. Release year: 1999

Heroes of Might & Magic 3 is "the" game. Many people started their gaming adventure with it years ago. We used to spend thousands of hours, often playing in a group of several people on one computer, exploring the world of the cult part three of the series. Nine diverse cities, an extensive fantasy world ( Might & Magic RPG games mixed even more genres), plus pleasant visuals and a catchy soundtrack. To this day, this game holds very well, and it's all thanks to the fans that this game accompanies over the years.

HD Mod and Heart of the Abyss showed that players know how to take care of their favorite title. Thanks to this, this production is still popular, and the online PvP mode can be watched on the streams of experienced players. Heroes of Might & Magic 3 hasn't aged at all. The gameplay is still addictive, and numerous campaigns guarantee fun also in solo mode. Thanks to the fans, the game never left the radar and was always relevant. Its digital version costs pennies, and it's one of the better investments in having fun.

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Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition, Xbox Game Studios, 2019 - The best PC strategy games - our TOP 15 - documentary - 2023-04-23
Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition, Xbox Game Studios, 2019
  1. What we value the most: expanding and improving the classic game, as well as contributing to the growth of the community
  2. Developers: Forgotten Empires
  3. Release year: 2019

Age of Empires 2: HD Edition gave this part of the series, considered by many fans as the best, a second life. The Definitive Edition, on the other hand, took this production to a whole new level. The game has received completely new expansions and can still count on support from developers. Equally important, the esports scene is constantly evolving. Forgotten Empires, with the support of Microsoft, showed how to take care of big IPs. This goes in opposition to Blizzard, which unfortunately seems to have abandoned StarCraft .

Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition is an addictive game. The selection of different nations enables you to find something suitable for yourself. These are not only hours in multiplayer mode, but also campaigns in which we lead successive nations through the ages: from the Middle Ages to the heyday of firearms. In its basic assumptions, the game is extremely simple and clear thanks to the mechanics and improved, clear graphics. It's a good game to start your adventure with real-time strategies or for veterans looking for a game that you can immerse yourself in for hundreds of hours. The more so that the Definitive Edition is free in Game Pass.

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Northgard, Shiro Games, 2018 - The best PC strategy games - our TOP 15 - documentary - 2023-04-23
Northgard, Shiro Games, 2018
  1. What we value the most: the engaging gameplay and a fresh approach to strategies based mainly on economy
  2. Developer: Shiro Games
  3. Release year: 2018

If you compare Northgard to some more famous and iconic series, it seems that this production would be closest to the early installments of The Settlers . Players take on the role of Vikings who settle on a new land, the titular Northgard. The game features what seems to be a calm gameplay, in which the aspect of developing the settlement and creating effective supply chains is the most important.

However, this is only an illusory resemblance to "The Settlers". Northgard is also a kind of survival, and the player is constantly fighting to survive the cold winter when it finally comes. This game does not allow you to go too crazy with the development of the settlement, and you have to wisely manage the development of buildings on subsequent territories. It's definitely worth checking out - especially now that it's on sale on GOG.com with all the DLCs. Unfortunately, without a sale, the full gaming experience turns out to be quite an expensive pleasure, which may discourage many from buying it. That's why it's a good idea to take advantage of the price cuts, as Northgard is a solid title worth getting to know.

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Company of Heroes 2, SEGA, 2013 - The best PC strategy games - our TOP 15 - documentary - 2023-04-23
Company of Heroes 2, SEGA, 2013
  1. What we value the most: the great atmosphere of World War II, showing the brutality of war through the campaign and highly addictive gameplay
  2. Developer: Relic Entertainment
  3. Release year: 2013

The Company of Heroes series focuses on an aggressive, dynamic gameplay, and part two, which takes you to the eastern front of Europe, can still be considered the best installment in the series. With CoH 3, Relic and Sega have yet to find the right path and it may take them some time. Meanwhile, the second part can still impress with its graphic design, sounds of battles and, of course, addictive gameplay, which can be dangerous for social life.

The developers of Company of Heroes 2 were also not afraid to show the brutality of war. This was proven by the campaign in which the Red Army murdered Home Army soldiers, and yet both sides had been cooperating a moment earlier. This was met with protest from across the eastern border, but Relic did not budge. CoH 2 isn't just a solid single-player campaign. The emphasis on rapid expansion and resource hunting makes duels with other players really exciting. This is a must-have for strategy fans. The more so that Company of Heroes 2 really often appears on Steam sales.

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Stellaris, Paradox Interactive, 2016 - The best PC strategy games - our TOP 15 - documentary - 2023-04-23
Stellaris, Paradox Interactive, 2016
  1. What we value the most: the gameplay that is accessible to new players, the huge possibilities of setting up your own civilization and the great science fiction vibe
  2. Developer: Paradox Development Studio
  3. Release year: 2016

Paradox's grand strategies can seem overwhelming, and the beginning of the game is extremely difficult. Stellaris is the best starting choice in this situation. This production turns out to be accessible, hints clearly explain everything, but this is not the only advantage of this title. As with other games from this developer, the list of DLCs is getting longer and longer. Fortunately, none of them is a huge game changer, so even buying the basic version to master the rules of the game can be a very good idea.

Stellaris is an addictive game that allows you to create any cosmic civilization you can imagine: from pacifists to conquerors unable to live without war, betting on democracy, monarchy or totalitarianism. Our cosmic nation also features a number of characteristics that positively or negatively affect the gameplay. Added to this is a pleasant audiovisual setting, complementing the whole experience. The galaxy is literally open to us and waiting for its conqueror. What means will be used is up to the player.

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Frostpunk, 11 bit studios, 2018 - The best strategy games for PC - our TOP 15 - documentary - 2023-04-23
Frostpunk, 11 bit studios, 2018
  1. What we value the most: the unique atmosphere, interesting decisions and the ever-expanding universe
  2. Developer: 11 bit studios
  3. Release year: 2018

Frostpunk is one of the best city builders of recent years. A new ice age, steampunk and the fight for survival - all this combined gave a truly unique experience. This production is complemented by an element of managing by decree and maintaining an appropriate level of satisfaction in a small society just trying to survive. The decisions you make will never be entirely good, and you always have to sacrifice something. It just adds to the atmosphere of the whole game.

Several DLCs give it a whole new dimension, especially with The Last Fall . It is there that we play the role of a group that is trying at all costs to build a construction on which the survival of humanity depends. Frostpunk is also characterized by great graphics, additionally building the atmosphere. The emerging steampunk metropolis is breathtaking. A certain blockage for some people may be the aspect of survival, and the level of difficulty at some points. However, the game has the appropriate options to adjust the challenge to our skills. It's worth checking it out before the second installment of this series appears.

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Into the Breach, Subset Games, 2018 - The best PC strategy games - our TOP 15 - documentary - 2023-04-23
Into the Breach, Subset Games, 2018
  1. What we value the most: a fresh approach to tactical games, challenging gameplay and mechs
  2. Developer: Subset Games
  3. Release year: 2018

The battle of humanity against aliens never gets boring, especially if you can defend yourself using huge mechs. In Into the Breach we play as the last armed units on Earth, and it's up to the player to win against the cosmic invader. The clashes take place in relatively small arenas and do not take much time. This definitely works to the advantage of the game, because you can sit down to it for a while. Although it seems unlikely - Into the Breach simply pulls you in and the effect of "just one more battle" is inevitable here. All because of the unusual approach to the game. The opponents show what they will do next move, and with that knowledge we must do what we can to stop them.

This production is complemented by an extensive configuration of the aforementioned mechs. You can decide on many elements that make up the machine - from the construction of the body itself to the armament. All this affects combat effectiveness, and this is the most important. Otherwise, it's impossible to defend the planet against giant worms from outer space. You can't miss the pixelart setting - very nice and detailed. Into the Breach is one of the many proofs that indie games can surpass big-budget productions.

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Anno 1800, Ubisoft, 2019 - The best PC strategy games - our TOP 15 - documentary - 2023-04-23
Anno 1800, Ubisoft, 2019
  1. What we value the most: a very good continuation of the classic series, demanding gameplay and the 19th century
  2. Developers: Ubisoft Blue Byte
  3. Release year: 2019

The Anno series can boast much more luck than Heroes of Might & Magic , because Ubisoft clearly has some plan for it, which is meticulously implemented. Anno 1800 is the most ambitious installment of this series so far and the first to take place in the 19th century, which is definitely a plus. This historical era is rarely exploited by developers, which is a pity. The height of the industrial revolution has potential, as shown by Ubisoft's title.

Anno 1800 is not a simple game and it can cause problems from the very beginning. The bigger the city gets, the harder it gets to maintain , which sometimes leads to a collision with a wall and the need to load one of the previous saves. However, once you manage to master the basics of gameplay, everything becomes much more enjoyable. Quite controversial and numerous DLCs expand gameplay, but their combined price is, unfortunately, high. That's why it's best to invest in the basic version of Anno 1800 at the beginning to see what the game has to offer.

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XCOM 2, 2K Games, 2016 - The best strategy games for PC - our TOP 15 - documentary - 2023-04-23
XCOM 2, 2K Games, 2016
  1. What we value the most: the opportunity to test ourselves against a difficult opponent and the unique atmosphere of science fiction
  2. Developer: Firaxis Games
  3. Release year: 2016

There are games that make you wonder why you're doing this to yourself. The XCOM series has always been challenging and not afraid to sweep the player off the board. The second installment of the reboot does not approach the subject differently. Although it must be admitted that part of the difficulty level is due to the fact that the production itself does not help the player to understand the mechanics. Some things are discovered here by trial and error, and mistakes can be really painful. But the more we know and the further we are in the game, the easier it gets in places.

Not everyone may like the fact that a large part of the mission has a very limited number of turns. Some players really like this because it provides more atmosphere and tension to fight against a much better prepared opponent. On the other hand there are people using mods that disable this element. Mods are a big part of XCOM 2 and allow you to customize the gameplay even more to your preferences. However, it is worth at least once to play the way the developers intended. This is an extremely demanding adventure.

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Desperados 3, THQ Nordic, 2020 - The best PC strategy games - our TOP 15 - documentary - 2023-04-23
Desperados 3, THQ Nordic, 2020
  1. What we value the most: the Wild West and opening the game to players' creativity
  2. Developers: Mimimi Games
  3. Release year: 2020

Commandos , but set in the Wild West - could there be a better combination? Perhaps there is even some, but the mix in the form of Desperados definitely ranks very high. The third installment of the series blurred the not-so-great impression left by the second part - in terms of gameplay, we get a really solid position. Through the next missions, we lead a group of bounty hunters, and each task can be performed in several ways. Missions don't require cinematic intros to let every opponent see who's the fastest gunslinger.

The main character is John Cooper again, but the events presented in the game take place before the story known from the original Desperados . We follow the fate of Cooper and learn how he became a famous bounty hunter in the Wild West. The plot, however, is not that important here - it is the aforementioned gameplay that is the strength of this production. I consider the ability to creatively complete subsequent missions to be a huge advantage. In addition, Desperados 3 also presents a high level of audiovisual content. You can simply feel the Wild West atmosphere, which makes "three" one of the best games set in this period of history.

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