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Essays 29 September 2023, 16:49

Games of October 2023 - A Month of Spoils!

This summer was unusually good when it comes to new video games, bringing a few GOTY-worthy titles. October picks the gauntlet, bringing a slew of high-profile releases, including a few interesting reboots and remasters.

This year's summer was a lot more interesting than usual, with no shortage of games worth your time and money. Nevertheless, October is truly a month that we can call a horn of plenty – there haven't been so many interesting releases in a long time, perhaps even since the pandemic begun. If for some (grumpy) reason the autumn releases don't suit you, you can always do the September backlog. Nobody should complain about a lack of games to play, though!

The Lamplighters League

Release date: October 3, 2023


  1. genre: RPG
  2. Platforms: PC, XSX/S
  3. Price: $50

The heroes we needed?

If you're fans of Harebrained Schemes studio, you will instantly find yourselves in their new production. The team responsible for the Shadowrun trilogy and the BattleTech game brings us The Lamplighters League, which will take us to an alternative, interwar reality. The ominous cult is searching for artifacts, with which it needs to take over the world. You will have to stop them by taking on the role of the titular group of troublemakers. Fight fire with fire, right?

Tactical RPG with turn-based combat

As befits a tactical RPG with turn-based combat, the heroes have individual abilities that need to be used appropriately in battles. It's also necessary to expand the base of heroes so that they can develop. Where's the innovation? Apart from combat, we control the characters in real time, and it is worth taking advantage of this to take a favourable position before the battle. This could potentially allow you to sneak through enemy lines or eliminate the weakest link right away.

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