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Demon's Souls news and interesting facts

Demon's Souls Remake Devs Officially Acquired by Sony

hexx0, 30 September 2021, 20:21

Sony has finally officially announced the acquisition of Bluepoint Games. The creators of 2018's Demon's Souls Remake and Shadow of the Colossus have joined the PlayStation Studios family after many years of collaboration.

Demon's Souls Remake for PS4 Found in PlayStation Database

Entelarmer, 17 June 2021, 11:43

The PlayStation Game Size account has made an interesting discovery. The PlayStation database contains the ID of the refreshed version of Demon's Souls for PlayStation 4.

First Reviews: Demon's Souls - The Perfect Remake

Karol Laska , 14 November 2020, 18:13

Demon's Souls enjoys really great reviews from critics. Sony can be pleased with this launch title, and soulslike players can rub their hands in glee for a great opening of the new generation.

Sony May Buy Devs of Demon's Souls Remake

Adrian Werner, 13 November 2020, 12:27

There have been rumors on the web suggesting that Sony is preparing to acquire Bluepoint Games, the developers of Demon's Souls and Shadow of the Colossus remakes.

Global Launch of Demon's Souls

Pawel Musiolik, 12 November 2020, 14:52

New videos from Demon's Souls show that the character editor will enable us to create some truly hideous characters. A dozen or so minutes of action makes us believe it's currently the prettiest launch title available on PS5.

A Dozen Minutes of Gameplay From Demon's Souls

Pawel Musiolik, 07 November 2020, 22:56

Sony presented 12 minutes of a new video showing gameplay in Demon's Souls.

Demon's Souls on PS5 Will Include Over 180 Hints From Devs

Entelarmer, 03 November 2020, 14:48

Gavin Moore from Blupoint Games has shared information about the support for hint system in Demon's Souls on PlayStation 5. The devs have prepared over 180 videos that will gradually guide lost players towards the solution to their problem.

New PS5 Gameplay From Demon's Souls Sports Impressive Visuals

qjin, 29 October 2020, 18:13

Sony Interactive Entertainment has released a new gameplay of Demon's Souls recorded on PlayStation 5, which impresses with graphics. It presents spectacular boss fights, featuring some that are well known to fans of the original.

Demon's Souls Remake in 4K But Without 60 FPS

Entelarmer, 01 October 2020, 17:32

Demon's Souls remake will offer 4K resolution support, but this will probably force us to give up 60 fps. This is suggested by the game's card on PlayStation 5 website, which mentions two graphic modes.

Visual Comparison of Demon's Souls on PS5 and PS3

Adrian Werner, 20 September 2020, 20:09

A very interesting video appeared on the web, comparing Demon's Souls remake on PS5 with the original from PS3, emulated in 4K on PC.

We Learned Sizes of Some PS5 Games

Adrian Werner, 20 September 2020, 19:58

We found out how much storage space Demon's Souls and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, two of the console's launch titles, will take up on PlayStation 5.

Demon's Souls in 4K and Compared to PS3 Version

washi, 18 September 2020, 18:49

A video by user Joshua Gamez appeared on YouTube, showing the effects of Bluepoint Games' work on Demon's Souls remake. It compares a fragment from the original version from 2009 and from the refreshed edition.

Current List of PS5's Launch Titles

Entelarmer, 17 September 2020, 11:55

After the release date of PlayStation 5 was revealed, it was time to announce the console's launch titles. In the second half of November we will be able to check out such productions as Demon's Souls, Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War and Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

First PS5 Gameplay From Demon's Souls [Updated]

Entelarmer, 16 September 2020, 22:58

During today's PlayStation 5 Showcase we were able to see the gameplay footage from Demon's Souls. The video shows us bosses, locations and other highlights of the refreshed Dark Souls prototype.

New Screenshots From Demon's Souls Remake Leaked

AlexB, 10 September 2020, 14:30

Australian Amazon by mistake published new screenshots from Demon's Souls remake developed by Bluepoint Games. According to speculation, the title is to be released near the launch of PlayStation 5.

Demon's Souls May be PS5's Launch Title

Karol Laska , 20 August 2020, 22:32

Demon's Souls remake received an age rating in South Korea. This may mean that the game will be released together with PlayStation 5 or just after the console's launch.

Demon's Souls - Remake of Dark Souls' Precursor is Coming to PS5

Adrian Werner, 11 June 2020, 23:12

Bluepoint Games and SIE Japan Studio have announced Demon's Souls Remake, a refreshed version of the classic RPG from FromSoftware.