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News video games 03 February 2019, 23:45

author: Jakub Mirowski

A4 Games' Dev Threatens PC Gamers

One of the developers working at 4A Games has commented on the recent controversy surrounding Metro Exodus and Epic Games Store.

There are less than two weeks left before the release of Metro Exodus, and the game’s publishers and developers seem to be doing their best to arouse hatred in PC gamers. First came the information about the implementation of Denuvo security, soon afterwards, it was announced that the production will be available only through the Epic Games Store for a year, which enraged both a large part of the fans of the series and Dmitry Glukhovsky, the author of the books on the basis of which the series was created. Players are expressing their dissatisfaction by review bombing previous installments of Metro on Steam and announcing that they will be downloading pirate versions of Exodus on a massive scale. Meanwhile, a developer from 4A Games studio decided to add fuel to the fire, claiming that in the case of a boycott of the PC edition of the game, the next installment will simply skip personal computers.

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A4 Games Dev Threatens PC Gamers - picture #1
Less that two weeks before the release the atmosphere surrounding Metro Exodus is far from serene.

A developer under the nickname scynet referred to the controversy surrounding Metro Exodus in a statement posted on the message board. Hewrote that people who threaten to download pirate versions of the game are certainly not interested in the hard work put into the production by its creators and therefore neither he nor anyone else in the studio cares about their opinion. He also stated that the response of the community was highly inadequate for the situation, because installing the Epic Games Store software is a small inconvenience, taking up to a few minutes. However, the most important part of his entry is perhaps the following announcement:

If somebody says that by screwing with Exodus or the previous games they will make the world a better place, put the greedy developers back in their place... Well, let me tell you, if the PC gamers are gonna boycott Metro, the next game, if it’s even going to be made, sure as hell won’t be coming out on PC.

A4 Games Dev Threatens PC Gamers - picture #2
Metro is a series with a strong PC pedigree and its hard to imagine subsequent installments being simply unavailable to the significant numbers of PC gamers.

A few days after the said post appeared on the message board, the site was taken down for a short period, and today the following disclaimer was added to the thread (apparently no posts were deleted at the moment of writing this news):

The administration reminds that the messages published by the staff of 4A Games on our forum are not an official position of 4A studio, and represents only the personal opinion of particular developers.

The atmosphere surrounding Metro Exodus PC is getting thicker and we wouldn't be surprised if these controversies seriously damaged the sales of the PC version. As noted by the administrators of the message board, threats that subsequent installments will not come to PC, should most probably treated as nothing more than a private statement from a developer with a big mouth, certainly not as the official standing of the brand owners. However, such behavior does anything but improve the image of 4A Games and Deep Silver in the eyes of the community.

It cannot be ruled out, however, that the developers and publishers sins will be forgotten if the Ukrainian team manages to deliver a shooter that will sweep the community off its feet – and all signs in heaven and Earth indicate that Metro Exodus might just pull it off. But has 4A Games really succeeded in creating an extraordinary work that deserves the highest marks? We will find out on February 15, when the game will hit PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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