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News hardware & software 29 October 2019, 17:36

author: Jacob Blazewicz

AMD Bares its Teeth Challenging Intel's Dominance on Other Markets

AMD is doing better and better in the CPU market. Evidence comes in the form of a report from Korea, where the company for the first time topped Intel in the segment of ready-made computers. In Europe, on the other hand, AMD CPUs sell almost twice as good as last year.

AMD has reasons to be satisfied.

It is no secret that Intel and Nvidia have dominate the CPU and GPU markets respectively. This can be seen in Steam's hardware surveys, even in the last one, where for the first time in a long time competitive AMD began to make up lost ground. Fortunately, this was not the last sign of the increasing condition of the company. More proof was provided by the latest hardware reports, including data from the German store and subsequent reports from Korea (via Newsa). In the past quarter, AMD's GPUs accounted for 51.3% of the processors used by Korean stores in pre-assembled sets, ahead of Intel's products, which went to the remaining 48.7% of PCs. Thus, for the first time in history, AMD overtook its competitor, which had so far dominated the local market. The data comes from the ShopDanawa store, which emphasized that AMD has long been popular among customers who prefer to choose their own components.


Good news for the company comes not only from Korea. Already two weeks ago, CPUBenchmark data showed that AMD has over 30% share in the category of used processors, which was the best result of the company for over a decade. In turn, The Register reports that 12% of the computers shipped to stores in Europe this year used AMD components. In practice, this translates into 629,000 copies, which is twice as much as in 2018 (when 355,000 PCs with AMD CPU were sold), despite the fact that the whole PC market grew by only 4%. The largest increase was recorded in the retail segment, up to 18% from last year's 11%.

AMD did very well in Asia and Europe.

There is no doubt that this year has been a success for AMD, especially after recent reports of good GPU sales. Yes, AMD is still far from being as good as its rivals. Nevertheless, we should be glad that the company is putting up a fight against Nvidia and Intel. Let us note that AMD's financial report for the third fiscal quarter is due to be published soon and the company will not hesitate to boast about the results of its products.

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