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News movies & tv series 03 March 2020, 21:38

author: Michael Kulakowski

Another Teaser of Stranger Things Season 4

Netflix has published another short trailer for the fourth season of Stranger Things. This time it does not contain any fragments of the show, but enables us to take a look behind the scenes of its production and see the actors preparing to read the script.

Netflix has prepared and published a new trailer for the fourth season of Stranger Things. Fans hoping for a glimpse of new scenes and a preview of previously unseen locations to debut in the series may be disappointed. The clip, however, enables us to look behind the scenes of the production and take a peek at the actors preparing for the so-called table read, i.e. reading the script together. This is a common practice in the film industry, enabling the actors to familiarize themselves with the script and interact with other actors. The filmmakers, on the other hand, can see if the dialogue lines they have prepared sound natural.

Let us remind that the filiming of the next season of Stranger Things started in January this year and is expected to last until August. Most of the scenes will be shot in Atlanta and the surrounding area. The exact premiere date of the new episodes is not yet known, but they are unlikely to air this year (due to a late month of shooting and time-consuming post-production, including the preparation of costly special effects).

Stranger Things debuted in 2016 on Netflix. Since then, a total of three seasons have appeared. The latest one has broken the popularity records of the show and, like them, is a engine attracting new subscribers to the service. Thanks to the success of Stranger Things Netflix signed an deal for long-term cooperation with its originators - the Duffer brothers, who will be responsible for preparing new projects, not necessarily related to the universe they created.

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