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News video games 02 March 2022, 12:32

author: Adrian Werner

While It's Not Portal 3, Valve's New Game Collects Accolades

Valve's free game Aperture Desk Job has received an enthusiastic reception on Steam.

Yesterday marked the release of Aperture Desk Job, a short game from the Portal universe, designed to familiarize players with Steam Deck. Despite its miniature size, the game was received enthusiastically.

96% of user ratings on Steam praise Aperture Desk Job

On Steam, 96% of reviews written by players praised Aperture Desk Job, which is categorized as an "overwhelmingly positive" reception.

You don't need a Steam Deck to play, just a gamepad

Aperture Desk Job is available for free. To play this game, you do not need a Steam Deck - only a controller. The game is short and is just an interestingly designed tutorial, but at the same time it has so much charm that it is worth checking out, even if you don't own the portable device. Additionally, it is an opportunity to see the latest version of Source 2 engine in action.

At the same time there is no denying that playing Aperture Desk Job is a painful reminder that eleven years have passed since the release of Portal 2. After playing Valve's new minigame, which boasts the exactly same unique humor and graphic style as the previous installments, it's hard not to feel a little sad that the return to the series' universe took such a modest form.

Do you miss the universe? Check out some mods for Portal 2

It does not look like Valve will be developing the third installment of Portal any time soon . Fans of the brand, however, can not complain about the lack of new adventures, because especially the second part of the series can still boast a very active modding community. Below are some recommended mods with new adventures for Portal 2.

  1. Portal Reloaded
  2. Portal Stories: Mel
  3. A Minuted Millions
  4. Designed for Danger
  5. Dilapidation
  6. Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing Initiative
Aperture Desk Job

Aperture Desk Job

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