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News video games 23 July 2021, 21:47

author: Hubert Sledziewski

He Revealed Battlefield Portal Months Ago - No One Believed Him

Information about the Portal mode for Battlefield 2042, officially announced yesterday, was revealed by a Reddit user four months ago. Nobody believed the user at the time, and now it turns out that he was right.

Yesterday's announcement of the Portal mode in Battlefield 2042, was enthusiastically received by fans of shooters from EA DICE. No wonder, after all, this game variant will enable us to create online matches ourselves, using elements characteristic of previous installments. For the community it's a bit like a dream come true - so much so that when four months ago (on March 24 to be exact) a Reddit user known as bf6leaker wrotethat the new BF would be getting this kind of mode, but the fans didn't believe him (we wrote about it here). Yesterday it turned out that the Internet user was right after all.

The community admitted its mistake, pointing out that after the June announcement of Battlefield 2042, this information began to make sense. Many people (including Poetryisalive and ToothlessFTW) have also said that they loves the situation, when they read about theoretically improbable leaks, which later turn out to be true.

However, not everyone was as skeptical as the Reddit community. Well-known tipster Tom Henderson came forward with a revelation similar to that of bf6leaker on June 11, two days after the new BF was announced (we also wrote about that). Tom didn't want to go into detail at the time; he didn't do so until less than a month later, providing the name of the mode - although he mistakenly thought it would be called BattleHub or BattlefieldHub - and the six classic maps included in it (he was right about Caspian Border and Port Arica). However, the content announced by Electronic Arts is expected to be expanded upon after the debut of Battlefield 2042 so it's possible that the rest of the maps Tom Henderson mentioned will be added to Portal at a later date.

The March leaker may not have got any of the map names right - at least not in terms of what EA has already revealed - nor did he get the battle royale aspect right, but what he wrote regarding the game's hub (center) was almost fully confirmed with yesterday's Portal reveal. Interestingly, he also reported clashes of up to 128 people at once, as well as changes to the destruction system, which were said to include both smaller (e.g. making holes in the ground with a rocket launcher) and larger scale (e.g. non-scripted crumbling of entire buildings). We don't know what destruction will look like in the end, but EA's "groundbreaking destruction system" was announced back in April, so it's possible that this time around it'll be the same. It may turn out that bf6leaker will be right this time, too.

We'll find out about that on October 22, when Battlefield 2042 is due to be released. The title will appear on PC, PS4, PS5, XONE and XSX|S.

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