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News video games 08 January 2022, 23:00

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Battlefield 2042's Reddit Too Toxic? Players Outraged by Moderators’ Warning

The Battlefield 2042's Reddit may be temporarily shut down, allegedly due to toxic behavior. The users don't believe the moderators.

  1. Battlefield 2042 Reddit subforum moderators have warned that they are considering closing or temporary blocking this subreddit,
  2. this is supposedly because of too "toxic" behavior of users, who in turn think that it's actually about more or less constructive criticism of Battlefield 2042.

For a significant number of players Battlefield 2042 turned out to be a big disappointment, and some post-launch decisions of the developers only confirmed the players in their opinion. Of course, fans did not fail to share more or less constructive criticism in social media. For example on Reddit, but the moderators of the BF2042 subforum have threatened to temporarily close it if players do not curb their "toxic" behavior.

As the announcement reads, the game's subreddit has seen "insulting, harassing, and filthy comments" directed at the users and DICE employees in recent days. The moderators do not intend to tolerate such behavior any longer and want to fight this "toxicity". In practice, this means that the moderators will begin to close forum threads. If the situation gets any worse, the team will not hesitate to block the option to post anything for some period of time, albeit both options were considered "nuclear".

If anyone thought that this demonstration of moderators' firmness would calm the hotheads, they couldn't have been more wrong. The community around the Battlefield 2042 subreddit has not abstained from criticizing the moderators. Users claim that instances of actual "toxicity" are almost non-existent (i.e., by Internet standards, however low they may be).

Therefore, players suspect that it is actually more about the criticism towards BF2042 as there is no shortage of it, and not just on Reddit. After all, recently one of the developers described fans' requests and judgmental comments as "brutal" demands directed at DICE. According to players, this translates to expecting a full, reasonably polished game at the time of its launch, listening to the community (for example, not removing a popular mode from the official Battlefield Portal playlists), and making the fans sure that the studio is aware of reported issues.

Thus, it is hardly surprising that only a handful of users commenting on the thread with the described message praised this threat (let's call it by its name) made by the moderators. On the contrary, they were accused of trying to silence those who criticized the latest Battlefield on false pretenses of battling "toxic" behavior.

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