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News video games 22 November 2021, 11:06

author: Adrian Werner

Battlefield 2042 Sells Brilliantly on Steam, Despite Dismal Player Reviews

Battlefield 2042 was the biggest bestseller on Steam last week. And that's despite terrible player ratings - it's currently one of the ten worst rated games on Valve's store.

  1. Despite abysmal player reviews Battlefield 2042 is selling well;
  2. Forza Horizon 5 continues to sell well;
  3. Ruined King: A League of Legends Story records a successful launch.

As every Monday, Steam published the list of the biggest (by revenue) bestsellers of the previous week. The position of the leader remained in the hands of Battlefield 2042. Preorders of different editions of this production took three spots in the top 10, including the most important one, namely the first.

This success was achieved despite the ice-cold reception of the game. Only 26% of user reviews are positive on Steam, which is categorized as a "mostly negative" reception. Currently BF2042 is the 9th worst-rated production in this service.

Poor ratings do not prevent the game from achieving high activity scores either. Yesterday, at the hottest time of the day Battlefield 2042 93,000 users playing simultaneously on Steam. However, the developers should be concerned about the fact that during the first weekend after the launch, they failed to beat the record from the debut day. This does not bode well for the game's future.

The racing game Forza Horizon 5 is also still doing very well. Different editions of this production took third and fourth spot in the list. The RPG Ruined King: A League of Legends Story recorded a successful debut, placing fifth and sixth in the top 10.

It is also worth noting the good result of Halo Infinite campaign's pre-sales, which took 9th spot on the list. The multiplayer mode debuted as F2P and proved to be a huge success, so it's no wonder that players rushed to buy preorders of the paid story mode.

The top ten is rounded off by Farming Simulator 22 preorders. The game debuted on Steam this morning and we're curious to see what spot it will take in the next bestseller list.

The biggest Steam hits of the past week (by revenue):




Battlefield 2042


Battlefield 2042


Battlefield 2042 (Gold Edition)


Forza Horizon 5


Forza Horizon 5


Ruined King: A League of Legends Story


Ruined King: A League of Legends Story


Age of Empires IV


Halo Infinite (campaign)


Farming Simulator 22 (preorder)

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042

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