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News video games 04 December 2019, 23:42

author: Michael Kulakowski

BioWare Confirms the Setting of Dragon Age 4?

BioWare has published a short video in which the developers thank the fans of Dragon Age for their many years of support for the franchise and the artworks they have created, inspired by the fantastic universe of the series. The video also contained a clue as to the setting of the sequel to Dragon Age: Inquisition.

December 4 is an unofficial day of the Dragon Age series. It was invented by its fans, copying the idea of the Mass Effect players, who are celebrating the N[ovember] 7 day. Today, the fans of BioWare's fantasy series organize all over the world various kinds of streams, events and competitions, as well as raise money for charity. This year, the fans were also joined by BioWare, which published a short video on Twitter thanking them for their many years of support, as well as countless artistic works inspired by the universe and the characters created for all the titles in the series. In the last seconds of the clip there was also a potential clue as to where the action of the new game will be located. It is Tevinter Empire, and the scene at the end of the clip confirming this fact was taken directly from the finale of the last DLC to Dragon Age: Inquisition. Tevinter was also mentioned by leaks and guesses circulating around the net for some time.

The first teaser of the new installment of Dragon Age was presented at The Game Awards 2018. Unfortunately, this year we have heard that the game is struggling, as a result of which it lost its lead producer among other things. The situation of the project was certainly not helped by the catastrophe, which turned out to be the long-awaited Anthem, which was planned to be a pearl in the crown of the studio. The success or failure of another Dragon Age may therefore ultimately determine the fate of BioWare, whose reputation has been extremely tarnished in recent years. However, the game will not be released too soon. The most conservative estimates, based on the official financial reports of Electronic Arts, expect it in May 2022 at the earliest. This would mean that the launch would take place almost eight years after the release of the previous installment of the series, which was the 2014 Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Another Dragon Age IV teaser may be shown at The Game Awards 2019 next week.
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