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News video games 09 November 2021, 20:41

author: Adam Krolak

Bloodborne Meets Pinocchio - Here's New Dark Trailer for Lies of P

Round8 has released a very impressive trailer for Lies of P, presenting the gameplay of the upcoming soulslike game. We can admire the dark city of Krat and clashes with various opponents.

Everyone is familiar with the fairy tale about the wooden puppet Pinocchio and how he became a real boy. South Korean devs at Round 8 Studio decided to develop a slightly more adult and dark version of this tale in a soulslike game. The developer has prepared another trailer for Lies of P, which shows off some impressive gameplay.

The trailer shows Pinocchio wielding several types of weapons - from swords, through huge saws, to giant axes. The main character can also use gadgets such as a flamethrower or a grappling hook. The way the protagonist moves and fights is deceptively reminiscent of other soulslike titles and it's easy to see the similarities with the works by FromSoftware. However, we have to admit that the South Korean studio approached the topic innovatively and with an idea. The world creation and characters stand on a high level, and the dark atmosphere simply pours out of the screen.

It's hard not to notice the warm reception of the game's trailer. Trailer on YouTube has a definite advantage of positive reviews, and comments indicate that the title may be a success.

"This game is like Devil May Cry, Sekiro, and Bloodborne had a super baby," Matwolf66 wrote.

"Ok this looks pretty Souls-like, but it also feels very fast-paced as well. The fact that it's a pre-alpha build with visuals like these already, has me more than impressed. I'll surely be keeping an eye on this one," commented Ali Asif.

Lies of P is an action RPG in the style of Bloodborne or Dark Souls. In the game we will traverse the deserted city in search of Mr. Geppetto. Various monsters, animated dolls and mechanical creatures will stand on our way.

We'll have to wait a bit longer for the launch. The title does not have an exact release date, but the devs announced that it should appear in 2023 on PC, PS5 and XSX|S.

Lies of P

Lies of P

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