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News video games 07 December 2022, 14:34

author: Wiktor Szczesny

Hunt Witches in Conan Exiles

The addition of the second chapter of Age of Sorcery to Conan Exiles is not only an expansion of the storyline and new adventures. It's also a contribution to introducing several new features and offering discounts and bonuses for players.

Developed by Funcom, the survival action game Conan Exiles has received the second chapter of the Age of Sorcery update. Fresh adventures and challenges are already waiting for the players. On this occasion, the game has been enriched with new features. The opportunity to win free rewards has also been offered. Combined with a 60% discount on Steam, this news is quite a treat - both for fans of Conan Exiles, as well as those considering purchasing the game.

New adventures, including a witch hunt

The second chapter of Age of Sorcery introduces sorcerers threatening the safety of the land. The player, at the request of local residents, undertakes to find them and then eliminate or deliver them in one piece to the customer. I the official message the developers also mention a "witch hunt" mode, in which we will attempt to stop exceptionally powerful witches and warlocks acting as bosses. We will receive lavish rewards for completing quests of each type.

The second chapter of Age of Sorcery is, however, not only a battle against magic, but also new features and additions (offered, for example, as part of a new battle pass). The player will be able to get new weapons, armor or cosmetic extras.

More extras

This is not the end of the benefits offered to players in Age of Sorcery 2. Funcom has also introduced the opportunity to earn additional rewards through Twitch Drops. Among them are trophies: Christmas Hunting and Christmas Dog with Crest. To get the bonuses, link Conan Exiles with your Twitch account using the appropriate function in the game menu. Then, by January 3, you need to watch Conan Exiles streams on this platform.

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Source: Funcom

Big price cuts

On the occasion of the new chapter, the game received a lot of additional content and the developer knows how to encourage players to test it. This is because the event is accompanied by a huge discount on Steam. Conan Exiles is currently available 60% off. The promotional offer on Steam also included Conan Exiles Complete Edition, whose price has been reduced by 39%. In turn Isle of Siptah Edition has been discounted by 56%. The offer is valid until December 12.

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