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News video games 25 October 2022, 16:35

author: Agnes Adamus

Cosmoteer - Steam Deck Support and Crash Fix

Cosmoteer is a game, in which you can build the starship of your dreams. In this guide you will learn if you can also do this on Steam Deck.

Yesterday, Cosmoteer debuted in early access. The game, despite not being a full version, is alredy playable in Steam Deck. Below you will find all the details concerned when playing on this mobile device.

Does Cosmoteer run on Steam Deck?

Cosmoteer does run on Steam Deck, but it does not have full support. The devs report, however, that the game performs quite good on the console and does not cause bigger issues. For people who would like to play the game on the device, the devs prepare special controls layout, to make the experience more pleasant.

Of course, you can still change the key bindings at your own discretion. To do this, enter the game's tab n your Library, and click the controller icon on the right side of the screen.

You have to remember, though, that the game is in early access, and you can experience various unexpected issues.

Proton GE installation

You could also find the Proton GE app helpful. The software fixes numerous errors that could appear in games. Be aware, however, that it's an unofficial software. You are installing it at your own risk.

To install Proton GE on Steam Deck, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Run Desktop Mode. You'll do this by holding the power button and choosing Desktop.
  2. Enter the Discover app store. Find and install ProtonUp-Qt;
  3. Run the app and click „Add version”, then choose ProtonGE;
  4. Leave the app and launch Steam;
  5. Find Cosmoteer in your Library and enter Properties.
  6. In the compatibility tab select „force use”.

The whole setup will run properly only if you have the latest available version of the software.

The game freezes. What should I do?

When you run Cosmoteer on Steam Deck you may sometimess experience the game freezing after a few minutes. This issues can be easily solved, however. You just have to enter the game's properties and type: %command% --cores 1 in launch settings

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Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

On paper, a medical physicist. In reality, however, a humanist who has loved games since childhood. With this passion, she decided to try her hand at writing for a broader audience. She has been affiliated with Gamepressure since 2017. She started in the guides, now mainly writing for the newsroom, encyclopedia and marketing. Self-proclaimed specialist in free-to-play games. She loves strategy, simulators, RPGs and horror games. She also has a soft spot for online games. She has spent an immodest amount of hours in Dead by Daylight and Rainbow Six: Siege. In addition, she also enjoys watching horror movies (the worse they are, the better) and listening to music. Her greatest passion, however, is trains.


Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander

Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander

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