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News video games 27 July 2020, 14:03

author: Paul Wozniak

CS:GO Player Spent $15,000 to Get a Rare Skin

One Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player has spent $15,000 to get his dream skin, which is extremely rare, using so-called contracts. He shared the whole action on his YouTube channel.

Sparkles spent $15,000 to get this skin.

It's a well-known fact that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players are able to spendoutrageous amounts of money on the rarest weapon skins. For many players, an expense of a few hundred dollars is already unthinkable, but of course there are those who will spend as much as a dozen (or several hundred) thousand dollars on a cosmetic item. The popular youtuber known as Sparkles, spent as much as 15 thousand dollars on trying to get his dream skin, the extremely rare "straight from factory" Fire Serpent for AK47.

However, Sparkles didn't just buy the skin on the community market (although it's hard to get it there, too), but decided to get it by means of so-called contracts. Thanks to them we can exchange ten skins from a given collection for one of higher value. This is not a very popular method, because due to the high randomness it usually isn't financially viable. Additionally, the youtuber was hunting for a model of a skin with a built-in Statrak (frag counter), so the chances of getting it were even lower. After spending $15,000 on items he later exchanged through contracts, he finally managed to get his dream skin. He shared the whole action in a video, which can be watched below.

If you're wondering if it was worth it at all, you should know it didn't. The estimated cost of the skin according to is about $7.5 thousand. That's half what Sparkles spent. However, if this whole action increases his audience, the loss may not be so great.

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