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News video games 13 December 2020, 21:48

author: Paul Musiolik

Cyberpunk 2077 Issues, Shortcomings, and Ideas How to Salvage the Game

The longer Cyberpunk 2077 is on the market, the stronger the players criticize it. Among the voices of admiration, disappointment is becoming more and more visible. Some people indicate what the game's problem is and how to fix it.

  1. Among the voices of admiration, the criticism of Cyberpunk 2077 is growing stronger and stronger.
  2. A thread Reddit focuses on pointing out the problems of the Polish game, indicating how it can be improved.

Cyberpunk 2077 has not had a good press since its launch. The following days bring a new portion of mistakes discovered by the players, elevating their frustration to new heights. CD Projekt RED patches up subsequent problems pretty quickly, but more and more often criticism is coming down on more serious aspects of Cyberpunk than broken scripts, glitchy visuals or poor performance.

Some are busy making a list of known bugs and sharing ideas on how to fix them. Others have decided to approach Cyberpunk 2077 from another side, indicating what gameplay elements are missing in this title. Existing games were taken as a point of reference to show that players' expectations are not excessive.

In the thread on Reddit, user RalphDamiani decided to gather all the shortcomings of Cyberpunk 2077 in one place. And there's quite a lot of them.

Gameplay improvements (so-called QOL) that should appear in Cyberpunk 2077

  • Walk toggle for keyboard.
  • Key re-mapping for certain elements. (for example skipping scenes and squatting is under the same button)
  • In-game benchmark feature.
  • Dash should be a separate key and not a double press of walking key.
  • The minimap is too zoomed in to be helpful in many cases.
  • Missing a toggle aim feature.
  • Ability to respec attributes.
  • Ability to disable objective marker.
  • Ability to lower ADS sensitivity.
  • Add proper ultrawide (21:9, 32:9) support.
  • Add loot by area or/and autoloot feature.
  • Add "stash all" feature.
  • Add transparency option for hud elements.
  • Add way to remove mods from unequipped weapons.
  • Add toggle mouse acceleration.
  • Driving markers and onscreen trajectory (alternative GPS).

Cyberpunk 2077 - missing things in gameplay and immersion

  1. Body slider customization (height, weight, muscle mass).
  2. Very few options for some of the character creation features (hair color, tattoos, skin complexion, scars, etc).
  3. Animations for eating and drinking (excluding scripted ones).
  4. Unable to remove underwear outside of inventory.
  5. Vehicle customization.
  6. Apartment customization.
  7. Cosmetic slots or transmog feature.
  8. Very few actual merchant stores in quantity and variety.
  9. No garages or parking lotss
  10. Crowds have low level of reactivity and awareness to the game world.
  11. Very few interactive NPCs outside of missions with meaningful dialogue.
  12. Very few options to meaningfully construct a personality to V. You get to choose missions endings, but not an actual persona.
  13. Lack of non-action oriented stories and quests about meaningful themes of cyberpunk distopia.
  14. Player cannot smoke.
  15. Weapon mods and skill trees largely irrelevant outside of marginal and mostly numerical improvements to combat.
  16. Lack of emergent gameplay events in the game world (ie: dynamic and random triggers).
  17. Lack of character reflection outside of the few mirrors available. This furthers the disconnection between the player and the character.
  18. No ownership of items (you can rob NPCs under their nose).
  19. No prison or lasting crime system.
  20. Wanted system is largely underdeveloped, with cops spawning out of nowhere and disappearing shortly after.
  21. Cybernetics lack variety in meaningful choices that alter gameplay (except for limbs weapons). Deus Ex has far more impactful mods that actually change the way you approach combat.
  22. The lifepaths are frustratingly brief and have little impact other than dialogue choices. V is essentially the same character regardless of past.
  23. The traffic AI is lackluster and there are too few cars driving around for a large metropolis.
  24. Trains were obviously cut, even though the whole infrastructure is visible.
  25. The world interaction is quite minimal. Among items that should be interactive: chairs, benches, toilets, stools, sinks, gym equipment, light fixtures, restaurant menus, smartphones, taxi, trash bins and dumpsters, most merchant stalls, microwaves, dancing floors, gaming tables, arcades.
  26. You cannot preview wardrobe and weapon purchases.
  27. There is no reliable cover system.
  28. Loot system overdone, invasive and distracting. You are constantly showered with redundant and marginally better items and have no attachment whatsoever with your fashion and weapon choices.
  29. Enemies are too spongy and level design forces frontal assault way too often.
  30. Robotics and drone control largely absent (outside of scripted missions).

You can discuss whether all of this is important and truly needed in Cyberpunk 2077. Some of them look like nitpicking. However, in the end you can't ignore the mistakes and shortcomings that we all see.

What do you thing of these remarks? Would you add something from yourself?

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