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News video games 01 December 2021, 15:37

author: Adrian Werner

Dead Cells With 6 Million Copies Sold and New DLC

Dead Cells sales exceeded 6 million copies. On this occasion, the devs announced the third DLC, titled The Queen of the Sea.

  1. Two new biomes;
  2. Additional boss;
  3. New items;
  4. New enemies.

Motion Twin boasted that sales of Dead Cells have exceeded 6 million copies. The game debuted in early access on PC in May 2017. In August 2018, version 1.0 was released, and along with it, the editions for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch hit the market. In turn, mobile ports for iOS and Android were released last year.

It's not only the sales figures themselves that are impressive, but also their increasing pace. Dead Cells needed almost two years to exceed one million copies. In July last year, the creators boasted 3 million, and now they managed to break the threshold of 6 million.

Not all the creators of Dead Cells remained at Motion Twin. The main designer left the team some time ago and took up creating small, free productions. The most popular of them turned out to be Nuclear Blaze LD, which the author later developed into a commercial platformer Nuclear Blaze.

  1. Nuclear Blaze LD - download page

Growing sales will enable the devs to develop the game even further. Simultaneously with the disclosure of the sales results for Dead Cells Motion Twin announced the third DLC, titled The Queen of the Sea. The expansion will debut on PC and consoles in the first quarter of next year. Mobile players will have to wait longer.

The Queen of the Sea will offer the culmination of the story known from the previous two DLCs, namely Bad Seed and Fatal Falls. The expansion will introduce to the game two new biomes, as well as additional enemies and items. There will also be another boss in the form of the eponymous Sea Queen.

The Queen of the Sea DLC will cost the same as the previous two additions, or $6. The income obtained will be used by the devs to finance free content for Dead Cells and work on a new game.

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