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News video games 01 December 2021, 15:27

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Stalker 2 Data Volume on Consoles; Series S Owners Have a Problem

We know how much console disk space Stalker 2 will take up, and it turns out that Xbox Series S owners may have a big problem.

  • We know how much space on consoles will be needed to install Stalker 2;
  • It may even be 180 GB;
  • This is half of the free disk space offered by the Xbox Series S console.

Almost half a year ago we got to know the system requirements of Stalker 2. Thanks to this we learned that the game will take up a really large amount of space on the disks of our PCs. But it turns out that the console owners may have an even bigger problem. Xbox Store published information about the game's storage requirements on Xbox Series X/S and it does not fill with optimism.

It turns out that Stalker 2 will take about 180 GB on Microsoft consoles. This is a really large value, and it becomes even more troublesome when we take into account the total size of Xbox Series S' storage. The weaker version of the current-gen offers a real capacity of 364 GB. Stalker 2 alone can take up half of the available space.

Xbox S Series owners can still hope that the final game size will be smaller. The key word here is "approximately". It's possible that the game's weight has been slightly overstated, and that it will be smaller at launch. However, the difference will most likely not be large - recall that the size of the PC version is 150 GB.

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