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News video games 15 March 2023, 15:08

author: Adam Celarek

Dead Island 2 Will Offer 20 Hours of Zombie Carnage

Representatives of Dambuster Studios have shared a handful of information about the upcoming Dead Island 2. They mention, among other things, the length of the gameplay, as well as the enemies present in the game.

Alessio Palumbo, editor at, recently shared his impressions from a closed preview of Dead Island 2. At the presentation organized by the publisher (Deep Silver), the journalist also had the opportunity to conduct a short interview with representatives of Dambuster Studios. The author's thoughts give some suggestions on the shape and character of the upcoming game

Playthrough time and the lack of human opponents

From the conversation of the editor with Adam Olsson (art director) and Lydia Cockerham (narrative designer) from Dambuster Studios, we can draw some interesting information regarding DI2.

  1. For the viewer interested not only in the storyline, but also in some of the side quests, the game is expected to provide an experience of about 20 hours.
  2. However, this time can be extended by participating in side activities, such as collecting items scattered around the map, cooperative mode, or finally taking on the game with a different character or skill set.

Interestingly, in the game we will not encounter human opponents. The repertoire of enemies thrown against the player is to consist exclusively of zombies. Asked about the reason for such a decision, the developers answer:

"We wanted to stand out. This is not about the deep, introspective question, "Oh, the real monster all along was humans!". No, in Dead Island 2 we don't fight people. It's all about focusing on the real monster, the zombie, that is, the terrifying creature you've seen in the movies. But this time you can tear them apart yourself with your hands and guns," said Lydia Cockerham

The end of a long, bumpy road

Just over a month away, the release of Dead Island 2 is the culmination of an extremely long and difficult road that has been the development cycle of this title. Originally announced in 2014, the game changed developers twice (from Yager Development to Sumo Digital, to finally end up under the reins of Dambuster Studios), and its release was postponed for years, with the character itself undergoing countless modifications. You can read more about it in this news item.

Dead Island 2 will launch on March 21 and will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2

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